The University of Winchester is a community bound by educational excellence, where people come together to be the difference and make the world better. Find out more about our Strategic Vision 2030.

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A beacon for Educational Excellence, Sustainability & Social Justice

Future generations face a significantly different world. The climate crisis, technological advancements, globalisation, demographic shifts, geopolitical uncertainty and resource shortages will have a major impact on how we work, connect, go about our lives and care for our planet. The future of Higher Education will be subject to much change and uncertainty, from constant shifts in policy to increasing marketisation and global competition.

Within this changing environment - and for the future of our planet and all life – we need to step up and play our part. The Strategic Vision 2030 sets out how we will be an institution that makes a difference. With our students, we will co-design and co-deliver rigorous, transformative and challenging education that builds them up to be wise and knowledgeable. Our aim is that they find success in their careers and have influence in the world around them. Our alumni will be known for their ambition to be confident agents for change, deeply committed to living lives of purpose and meaning.

Our vision is to help shape a better world through everything we do, driven by the ambition, wisdom and impact of our students and staff.

We will deliver strong financial management through lean and agile operations, underpinned by the highest business excellence to ensure our long term sustainability (Ensuring Excellence, our five-year Business Plan 2019/20 - 2023/24, sets out how we will do this in detail).

We are passionate about the important role we play as a driver of productivity and economic growth within the region. We will advocate the building of a sustainable, "circular" regional economy, and the move away from a “Take, Make, Waste” economy. We will continue to increase our economic impact, measured at £266m in 2018, as we grow in size and influence. We will deliver a step-change in engagement with employers over the next decade. We will become the partner of choice for organisations wanting to boost innovation, enrich their
workforce and grow their impact.

Together with our students, we will prioritise sustainability and social justice in every aspect of our work, in particular, supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through this we will help individuals and communities flourish. Our value of people as individuals means we prioritise the success and wellbeing of students and staff. We will continue to prioritise exceptional pastoral care and opportunities for spiritual development.

The Church of England mission that led to our Foundation in 1840 continues to be the beating heart of the institution. It continues to underpin and nurture our values, strategy and conduct. Being an Anglican foundation and respecting those following all other religious traditions and none means we are committed to providing a radically inclusive education.

Our students will have the opportunity to explore the meaning of life and grow in wisdom and love – to develop the attributes needed for citizenship in a globalised world and for living creatively, compassionately and wisely with others and with the planet.

In the absence of certainty and stability externally, we believe it is important for us to present a clear and bold vision. One that reflects who we are, cements our passion for sustainability and social justice and matches our ambition for success and impact over the next decade. This is why we have aligned the timeframe of our Strategic Vision 2030 with the target date for the Sustainable Development Goals.

With the huge global challenges facing all life and the planet, there has never been more of a need for institutions like Winchester to stand up and boldly make a difference. We will sustain hope and a positive vision of the future through uncertain times.

My thanks to all who have been involved in the development of the Strategic Vision 2030, and for all the input we have had from our staff, students, Governors and others. I look forward to striving together for excellence in higher education, as a beacon for social justice and sustainability.

Professor Joy Carter CBE DL PhD CGeol FGS

Within this changing environment - and for the future of our planet and all life - we need to step up and play our part. The Strategic Vision 2030 sets out how we will be an institution that makes a difference.

Our strategic vision framework

Flourishing people and communities


We will nurture every student’s potential. We will empower our students through rigorous education in a supportive, challenging and creative environment. Our aim is that throughout their time with us, students grow into whole, confident and successful individuals committed to lives of influence, meaning and purpose, determined to challenge the status quo and make a difference in the world.

In addition, the education we provide is focussed on their succeeding in life. We will increase graduate employment levels by achieving a culture change at Winchester to prioritise “Enabling Student Success”, followed by appropriate activities at all levels. We will centralise student development as a core activity and priority at Winchester, including increased support and guidance beyond Winchester for graduates. We will
create connections, collaborations and agreements with business partners across the region to create recruitment pathways.

We will work with our current alumni to secure graduate opportunities, mentoring and ambassadors for the University. We will significantly increase the amount of activity and support we offer to graduates in their early careers.


Our staff and students are the key focus of what we do. We are proud of our strong community spirit driven by how people enjoy working and studying here, and proud that our partners and communities enjoy and benefit from working with us. Our staff are the very essence of our purpose and the reason behind our success. We value them and seek to grow with them in a changing and challenging higher education environment. Together we will flourish through pursuing shared values, cultivating talent, and adapting our skills to the needs of our students and the dynamic world we share.

We will thrive together and as we grow we will recruit new talent that share our values and enthusiasm for agility and versatility. We will embody and exude an environment that is welcoming, kind and nurturing whilst being constructively challenging. Staff and students will be empowered to build resilience, flourish and embrace the opportunities of our changing world. We will provide opportunities for all staff to develop their skills and passions, while supporting innovation and agility in their approach and focus.


We will respect, encourage and value each individual we work and study with to help them succeed. The dignity and wellbeing of individuals is as important as their opinions and views. We will work globally to help others flourish and realise equality and justice for all. We will have a thriving global alumni community who are making a difference in the world and who are ongoing advocates for the University.

We will focus our student services and human resources functions on supporting overall staff and student wellbeing through a three-tiered approach. First, we will take a holistic view in order to recognise and seek to address modern society’s increasing mental health challenges, encouraging resilience and a balanced approach to life, work and study.

Second, we will recognise the importance of physical health, and seek to put in place the necessary sports facilities, clubs and societies to encourage lifelong commitment to healthy levels of physical activity.

Third, we will encourage staff and students to discover and develop the spiritual side of life. Being an Anglican foundation means we are
committed to providing education which gives students opportunities to explore the meaning of life, to develop the attributes needed for citizenship of a globalised world and to acquire skills for the world of work and for living creatively.

We will be dedicated to flourishing with our local and global communities. Working with our community we will enhance and apply our best assets to building a world in which all life and communities thrive sustainably.

We will combine the best of what we are, have and do with the unique value contributed by others, so that the challenges, solutions and successes are shared. By empowering our staff and students to make a difference, we will champion a values-led approach to developing communities in which all its members can flourish.

Transformative education, research and innovation


“We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work,and relate to one another.”
Klaus Schwab,Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

Technology and the global economy are evolving so fast we cannot really predict what the future of work will look like. Some of the jobs our future graduates will go into don't yet exist. Regardless of such fastpaced change, we strongly believe higher education,in particular our approach to it, will continue to play an important role in building healthier, happier and stronger communities around the world.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution features a fusion of technologies blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological. The future will be defined by further breakthroughs in these realms,spanning robotics, artificial Intelligence, blockchain, biotechnology, the internet of things, 3D printing and autonomous vehicles. The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings both opportunities and challenges – it has the potential to create solutions to global challenges and improve the quality of life for the world’s populations, whilst it could engender greater inequality due to the likely seismic shifts in global jobs and labour markets.

It presents us two notable challenges: First, how can we ensure these new opportunities benefit the greatest number of people? And second, how do we evolve our provision to best prepare our students to succeed and seize these opportunities?


“The world no longer cares about what students know, but what they do with what they know.”

Tony Wagner, Harvard University

In light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the SDG agenda, we believe the value of bringing people together to build community around sharing knowledge, growing wisdom and deepening understanding will be greater than ever.

To prepare for our students for success in the world of work, over the next decade we will build on our uniquely tailored education, centred on:

  • sustainability and social justice
  • building the whole individual (wisdom)
  • passionate and engaging staff at the forefront of their fields
  • blended learning, embracing new technologies to enhance the learning experience
  • close engagement with business and other employers

Our education will prepare our students for successful employment, helping them become whole, confident individuals committed to lives of meaning and purpose. We will remain resolutely committed to enabling the widest access to our provision. We will outperform sector benchmarks for attainment from underrepresented groups in higher education, and in particular, lead the way in attracting, welcoming and supporting students with disabilities, care leavers, young carers and children from military families. As a University of Sanctuary, we will be a welcoming and safe place for a growing number of refugees and asylum seekers.

Our graduates will successfully influence through their professional work and be ready to collaborate to improve a future world. Our education will push students to develop the resilience to succeed in the face of challenges outside the classroom – both during their studies and after graduation.

We will commit through our “Flourishing Education” to interdisciplinary learning that develops effective graduates who are able to deal with uncertainty and plan ahead to succeed. Flourishing Education drives our teaching and learning to continuously nurture:

  • a global and values-driven mindset
  • creativity and analytical skills
  • entrepreneurialism
  • leadership attributes
  • digital and technical shrewdness
  • flexibility and adaptability to change
  • industry and community awareness
  • problem solving
  • interdisciplinary thinking
  • triadic thinking – the bringing together of traditional, liberal and vocational learning together with a joy of learning

Flourishing Education’s key focus is on learning and loving to learn. We will equip our students with the tools to continue learning and reinventing themselves throughout their lives.

To support Flourishing Education, we will continue to foster meaningful partnerships with businesses, schools, third sector organisations and health providers. In particular, we will oversee a step change in engagement with employers, including the NHS. We will build on our fruitful partnership with Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation to collaborate on education and research initiatives to develop future healthcare professionals and extend existing joint research programmes between the two organisations. Our strategic partnerships will enable portfolio development, relevance in our curriculum, establish placement opportunities for all students and pathways to jobs for our graduates. Our teaching and learning spaces and resources will provide an environment for rigorous academic endeavour together with creative and innovative thinking.


We aim to become recognised as a Seat of Liberal Education in Europe. We will offer students a breadth and depth of education that allows
them to interrogate the big questions of our time. We will offer all our undergraduate students the chance to study at least one Values Studies module. We will increase recruitment to our BA and MA in Liberal Arts. We will become part of a consortium of Universities in Europe committed to liberal education and seek to build the European archive of liberal education.


Research and innovation that empowers and transforms our staff, students and communities close to home and around the world. We undertake research in order to affect positive global change. Our research builds on our Foundation, meaning we work responsibly, collaboratively and ethically. We will develop a research culture that encourages staff and student researchers to:

a) be inclusive, mutually supportive and interdisciplinary
b) think and work globally
c) be bold, creative, courageous and confident
d) push boundaries and challenge convention
e) develop social innovations that influence public policy, corporate practice and thinking
f) produce world-leading and internationally excellent research in line with our strategic themes.

We will nurture research excellence and innovation across our academic disciplines, identifying and supporting world-leading and
internationally excellent research wherever it exists. We will create a new generation of researchers to drive change; researchers who are proud to be different and strive for their work to have true meaning and impact. In particular, we will encourage and support interdisciplinary research and innovations that focus on tackling local and global sustainability and social problems and the means used to address
those problems.

We will do this by creating a values-driven research culture that is inclusive, mutually supportive, interdisciplinary and global; bold, creative, courageous and confident; pushing boundaries and challenging convention; and seeking in all things to influence public policy, corporate practice and thinking on an international basis.

We are committed to high quality public engagement, through sharing our work with diverse communities.. We will support staff in
developing these collaborative activities to facilitate a wide range of community interactions, including acting as a key partner for the Hampshire cultural Trust’s Royal City Project, celebrating the history and culture of Winchester and the heritage of the English
language in Winchester. Through our public engagement, we seek to develop new skills, generate new ideas, create stronger networks,
raise aspiration and inspire learning, with the aim of making a difference in the world.

Organisational excellence

“Being good is good business.”
Dame Anita Roddick

To continue thriving as a provider of high-quality higher education committed to sustainability and social justice, we must make business decisions that ensure our long-term success whilst remaining true to our values. To succeed in the global higher education market, our rolling five-year business plan embeds sound financial planning, innovative thinking, bold decision-making, agility and fleetness of foot into
our culture.

We will hold leadership and governance to the highest standards of excellence in business management and values-driven decision-making.
Our finances will remain strong through optimising our size and breadth of portfolio. This will ensure we thrive within the higher education market, by responding to demand and skills needs, achieving economies of scale. We will oversee a sound balance sheet year-on-year and continue our highly ethical approach to financial decisions.

We will prioritise investment in growth areas and areas of excellence within the University, in particular:

  • supporting the development and growth of the Faculty for Health and Wellbeing
  • expanding the impact of areas of excellence such as the Centre of Religion, Reconciliation and Peace, and our work as a UN PRME Champion University.

We will regularly review our suppliers and partners to ensure they identify with our five positive ethical assessment criteria:

  • Responsible employment practices
  • Best corporate governance practice
  • Conscientiousness with regard to human and animal rights
  • Sustainable environmental practice
  • Sensitivity towards the communities in which the business operates


We will be carbon neutral by 2025, including Scope 3 emissions. As a beacon for sustainability locally, nationally and internationally, we will build on our success in driving up environmental standards across our estate and functions.

We will become the most carbon efficient campus in the UK, up from sixth most currently. We will continually develop our campus and facilities to meet the needs of current and future students without compromising on environmental standards.

To respond effectively to the threat of climate change, we will invest in technologies that improve our carbon efficiency and generate renewable energy, develop new low-carbon buildings and foster a culture of environmental sustainability. We will eliminate unnecessary single-use plastics across all of our operations and catering outlets by the end of 2020.


We will embed a culture of innovation across the University to drive improvements, deliver efficiencies and nurture creativity – ensuring what we deliver is relevant and where possible, leading the way.

We will be an institution that continually evolves and responds to technological and global changes. We will seek out best practice from around the world to improve how we operate. This will mean the ongoing renewal and transformation of our infrastructure, internal management and support processes. We will remain agile to seize opportunities and deliver excellence, efficiency and effectiveness across our estates and professional service.


Our institution will be firmly rooted in the region, supporting its economic, social and cultural development and prosperity.


We will continue to support and align our work to the Hampshire 2050 Commission and the Foundations of the Industrial Strategy, especially Ideas, People and Places.

For example, the expansion of our Degree Apprenticeships provision in strategic growth areas will provide solutions to future technical
skills challenges. Our economic impact, measured in 2018 to be £266m, will continue to increase as we grow in size and influence.

Our Strategic Vision 2030 is shaped, informed and inspired by our values and commitment to:


Educational Excellence

At a time when the value of undergraduate degrees is under closer scrutiny, and distrust of those empowered by education grows, the University of Winchester reaffirms its faith in education as a value in its own right, and as a force for good in the world.

Within our commitment to educational excellence is the University of Winchester’s ethos of a distinctly values-driven higher education. Depth in subject expertise is matched by depth of character development; breadth of knowledge is matched by breadth of concern with issues transcending those of self-interest; academic rigour is matched by respect and kindness towards all life; seriousness of study is matched by the fun and excitement of shared learning; and intellectual growth is matched by freedom for personal, emotional, spiritual, religious, and artistic growth. Our Strategic Planning does not lose sight of how time spent at university can provide some of the most formative experiences in one’s life.

A University of Winchester higher education can make the difference. It encourages each person to take the time and the opportunity to think about who they want to be in the world and what contribution they want to make. It inspires confidence in being a graduate who has learned to enjoy asking the important questions. Our values foster a robust, resolute approach to standing up for what one believes in, to risk the new, and to rise up to challenges, including those presented by injustices we see around us. We nurture and support the activities that develop these aspects of excellence in higher education. We savour this as a positive outcome of a human and humanising university education. It will contribute to the wisdom needed for happy and meaningful lives for individuals and those they influence.

On completion of a degree, the educational journey is not finished. Higher education is a life they continue to live. It is not only the quality of our students' education which is at the heart of our vision, but also the importance of the ongoing development of our staff's skills, wellbeing and expertise. We support their continued learning, in turn further enriching the students' learning experience.

Educational excellence will be evidenced by positive external quality assessments, high student satisfaction, and the achievement of TEF Gold by 2030.


To us, sustainability means living in harmony, acting with kindness, and caring for the planet and all living things, now and for future generations.

This means we act responsibly, consider the wider implications of our actions, and strive to have a positive impact on the world. We equip our graduates with the skills to make a difference in their future careers and enable staff and students to consider their individual and collective environmental and social impacts. With social justice at our core, we take the world’s challenges seriously and engage in meaningful and critical dialogue of global significance.

Sustainability is a way of life at Winchester. Fundamental to our progressive and pioneering culture and practice, it is an essential component of everything we do. Our staff and students are engaged in the importance of sustainability and feel confident to engage with finding solutions to our world’s greatest challenges. To become a beacon for social justice and sustainability, we need to embrace education’s transformational potential. The UN’s "Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" is one of the most important and ambitious global agreements of all time. With 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its core, it sets out what it is needed to address the world’s most urgent challenges by 2030 – for example how to end poverty, and engender economic prosperity, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, peace and good governance. These ambitious goals will require us to transform how we operate as a university, how societies and economies function and how we live in harmony with our planet.

“Universities, with their broad remit around the creation and dissemination of knowledge and their unique position within society, have a critical role to play in the achievement of the SDGs.”1

We believe that high-quality education is the key to achieving these transformations. Over the next 10 years we will explicitly position ourselves to support the achievement of this agenda. We will build on our National Union of Students’ Responsible Futures accreditation, which recognises our commitment to embedding sustainability and social responsibility in our teaching and other activities. We will ensure our education, research, partnerships and leadership are focused on helping society address these pressing challenges. We believe that this inter-disciplinary focus will give our students a competitive edge, enabling them to stand out in the competitive jobs market, gain meaningful employment and exemplify both the University's values and those implicit in the Sustainable Development Goals.


We will focus on setting new levels of excellence for environmental and wellbeing across our estate, by serving food that meets the toughest ethical and environmental standards, eliminating unnecessary single-use plastics, and ensuring we have neither fossil fuel investments nor research funding from the fossil fuel industry. We will partner with institutions that identify with the highest ethical and sustainability criteria whilst delivering high returns for the University.

“The future of humanity and the planet lies in our hands. It lies also in the hands of today’s younger generation who will pass the torch to future generations. We have mapped the road to sustainable development; it will be for all of us to ensure that the journey is successful and its gains irreversible.”2

Social Justice

We are dedicated to the flourishing of people, communities big and small, life on earth, and the world as a whole.

We encourage and empower our staff and students to make a difference in the world by working with our local and global community.

We endeavour to provide the highest quality of higher education, but not at any cost. Our original mission that the Church of England had in the 1830s was to create an institution to train teachers in poor communities, so that access to education was not limited to the wealthy and elite.

Our commitment to social justice means that while the quality of our offer will continue to rise, barriers to access will not. We will remain committed to enabling the widest access to our provision and being known as a welcoming, inclusive and friendly community. We will ensure those from underrepresented groups are welcomed and supported to succeed and progress into fulfilling careers. As a University of Sanctuary, we will continue to be a welcoming and safe place for refugees and asylum seekers.

Our aim is to be recognised nationally and internationally for our international work in peace and reconciliation, animal welfare and as a UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Champion. We will nurture our strategic partnerships with organisations such as the St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, Compassion in World Farming, Blue Apple Theatre and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. We will develop key local and international strategic partnerships that help us deliver our mission for excellence in higher education, social justice and sustainability.

We will together uphold the dignity and wellbeing of others, whoever they are, regardless of background. Staff and students will be challenged to be ambitious and nurtured to embrace equality, diversity and inclusivity. We will be a kind, caring community. We will build on our efforts as a pioneer of the Living Wage. We will remain committed to efficient in-sourcing of staffing, to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all those working within the University. Staff and Students will be encouraged to fight for integrity and justice in a world of compromises and prejudice.

In all of our operations, we are committed to the highest ethical and fair trade standards. Wherever possible, all items purchased are Fairtrade – from the food we serve to the uniforms our staff wear. We provide surplus food to local charities, including First Bite, for them to provide meals for those in need within the local community.

As a Cathedrals Group university, we will model a way of being religious and spiritual that is even more intellectually robust and inclusive. We seek to place the big questions of life at the heart of our education. Our staff and students work together to take social justice and sustainability into the mainstream across the board. For example, we will incentivise research projects related to social justice. We will further impact the local community, working together to create greater prosperity and reduce deprivation in our region.