At Winchester we celebrate our Anglican Christian foundation and welcome people of all faiths and none. In a world in which religion is often associated with exclusivity and anti-intellectualism, we seek to model ways of being religious which are inclusive and intellectually robust.


We believe that everyone expresses their spirituality through a unique collage of values, disciplines and practices. Working and studying here will give you a chance to experience and reflect on the creativity, beauty and compassion in life – together, we aim to explore the mystery of life and grow in wisdom and love.

Our passion is to see staff and students grow as a whole person. It is safe to try new things here, to stand up for what you believe in. You will be supported to engage with the big and deep questions of life, to bring about change and really make a difference. We seek to challenge and develop staff and students’ thinking, enabling them to develop in wisdom for a fulfilling life as well as the knowledge they need for a successful career. Our staff and students will have the resilience and resourcefulness to seize the opportunities and face the challenges of life.