Policies and Regulations


These pages contain approved policies, regulations, procedures, guidelines and reports. Documents are sorted by A-Z. Published documents are always the most recent version and are applicable to the current academic year (unless otherwise stated). If you require a previous version of a document please contact the responsible department. We try to ensure every document is accessible. If you need a different format please contact: improvement@winchester.ac.uk


Academic Achievement Awards Terms and Conditions 202122

Academic Appeals Guidance Leaflet

Academic Appeals Regulations

Academic Departments Terms of Reference

Academic Regulations for Postgraduate Research Programmes 2

Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes

Summary of Regulation and Policy changes for Students - 2022-23

Access Agreement 2017-18

Access Agreement 2018-19

Access and Participation Plan 2019-20

Access and Participation Plan 2020-25

Accessible and Inclusive Learning Policy

Admissions Appeal Form

Admissions Policy

Anonymous Marking Policy

Appeals by Student Applicants Policy

Applicants with Criminal Convictions Policy

Apprenticeship Subcontracting Policy

Articulation Agreements Approval Procedures

Asbestos Management Plan

Assessment of Work by Students with SpLDs

Assessment Regulations

Assistance Therapy Companion Animal Procedure

Award and Classification Rules and Credit Framework Summary


Banishing Single Use Plastics Strategy

Benchmark Review Form

Bring Your Own Device Policy


Carbon Management Plan Annual Monitoring Report

Christian Foundation Strategy

Collaborative Provision Register

Quality Assurance of Collaborative Provision Policy

Collective Disputes Procedure

Committee Structure

Conduct of Progression and Award Boards for Taught Programmes

Conduct Policy for Students

Confirmation Revocation of Awards Approved Procedures


Data Protection Policy

Data Retention and Deletion Policy

Data Sharing Agreement University of Winchester and Wnichester Students Union

Death of a Student - Procedures

Degree Outcomes Statement 2021-22

Disciplinary Procedures for Students

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Policy

Dogs on Campus

Drug and Alcohol Policy (Students)


Employer Engagement Strategy

Employers Liability Certificate

Environment Strategy

Environment Strategy Annual Report 2018-2020

Environment Strategy Reviewed

Enrolment Privacy Notice

Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Report 2022-2023

Ethical Catering Policy (5).

Ethical Investment Policy

Exam Regulations 2020-23

Expenses Policy

Extenuating Circumstances - Guidance Leaflet

Extenuating Circumstances Form

External Examiners of Taught Programmes-Policy and Procedures

External Library Visitor Policy

External Visitors Joint Application Form


Freedom of Speech Policy and Code of Practice for External Speakers, Conferences


GPA - Guide for students

gender identity and reassignment policy

Gender Identity and Reassignment guidance


Health and Safety Policy

Home and Mobile working policy

Home and Mobile working policy (IT)

HREiR Action plan template for institutions (2022-2025)

Human Resources Strategy

HWB Fitness to Practise Policy


ICT Acceptable Use Policy

IT Equipment Disposal Policy

Individualn Review and Development Form

Individual Review and Development Scheme

Influenza Pandemic Plan

Intellectual Property Policy & Regulations

Interviewing Student Applicants Policy

Invigilator Policy


Learning and Teaching Strategy


Masters Dissertation Presentation Guidelines

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Meningitis Policy - Managing An Outbreak

Mental Wellbeing Strategy 22_25


Network Security Policy


Office Space Management Policy

Open Access Policy


Payment of University Fees - Regulations 2024

Peer Enhanced Educational Reflection

Placement Learning (Non-Training) Policy

Policy on employee use and misuse of social media

Policy on student use and misuse of Social Media

Postgraduate Research Degree Admissions Policy

Pregnancy Adoption and Becoming a Parent While Studying - Guidelines

Privacy Notice Registration and Reenrolment

Risk Assessment for Pregnancy Adoption and Becoming A Parent While Studying

Pregnancy & Parenthood Support Plan

Prevent Duty Implementation Delivery Model

Privacy Notice - 2024 Ceremonies

Procurement Policy and Procedures

Professors Readers and Senior Fellows Application Form 2022

Public Complaints Policy


REF 2021 Code of Practice

RKE Ethics Policy and Procedures

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy

Recognition of Prior Learning Approval Form

Refund and Compensation Policy for Enforced Termination of Courses

Research Data and Records Management Policy

Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy 2020-2030


Safeguarding Policy

Self-Certification for Extenuating Circumstances Policy & Procedures

Self Certification Form

Self Certification Guidance Leaflet

Extenuating Circumstances Form

Sexual Harassment, Misconduct and Violence Guidance

Smoking On-site Policy

Sport Execellence Awards Application Form 2022-23

Sports Excellence Awards Terms and Conditions - 2022-23

Standing Orders of the Board of Governors

Starters, Movers and Leavers; A Cyber Defence Policy

Statement of Primary Responsibilities-Board of Governors

Student Academic Integrity Procedures

Student Charter

Student Complaints Guidance Leaflet

Student Complaints Policy

Student Protection Plan

Student Residence Regulations 22-23 UMH

Student Voice Representation Policy

Suicide Prevention Strategy

Summary of 2024-25 to 2027-28 Access and Participation Plan

Summary of Regulation and Policy changes for students 2023-24

Supplement to the Academic Regulations and Assessment Regulations-2021-22

Supporting Students to Succeed Procedures for Postgraduate Research Degrees

Supporting Students to Succeed Procedures for Undergraduate and PGT

Sustainable Development Policy


Terms and Conditions 2017

Terms and Conditions 2018.

Terms and Conditions 2018 Summary

Tuition Fee Deposit Refund Policy 2023-2024

Student Terms and Conditions 2019-20

Student Terms and Conditions 2020_21

Student Terms and Conditions 2021_22

Student Terms and Conditions 2022_23

Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services


US Federal Aid-Consumer Disclosure Information

US Federal Aid How to Apply Guide.

US Federal Aid - Return of Title IV Policy

US Federal Aid - Satisfactory Academic Progress

University Agents Policy (Recruitment And Retention)

University of Winchester Access and Participation Plan 2024-28

University of Winchester Fee Summary 2022-2023

University of Winchester Library Privacy Policy


Verification of ID 18-19

Visa Sponsorship Policy


Waste Management Policy