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Here you'll find more information about our Graduation ceremonies. 



Graduation Class of 2022

We’re pleased to announce that our next graduation will take place from Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 October 2022 in Winchester Cathedral. You can find details of when each programme is scheduled to graduate in the Graduation 2022 Timetable.

Our Guide to Graduation 2022 provides you with all the information you need to prepare you for your ceremony. The guide includes information on gown hire, guest tickets and professional photography, as well as your all-important Graduation Checklist.

All eligible students will receive their official invitation by email over the summer. This will include further details about how to register your attendance. You can find a full list of eligibility criteria in our frequently asked questions below.

Have you always wanted to know what graduation is really like? Watch back a recording of our live event, The Graduation Experience to hear about the experiences of our alumni panel and learn their top graduation tips.

If you have any questions about Graduation, please feel free to email us at graduation@winchester.ac.uk

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible for graduation?

You will be eligible to attend the October 2022 graduation ceremonies if you have:

  • Formally completed your degree programme (i.e. received your final exam board letter confirming your degree) by 1 September 2022; and
  • Have no outstanding financial debts with the University, including with the library and multi-media centre, by 1 September 2022; and
  • Have completed a programme of study at Level 6 (Bachelor degree) or higher

Please note that CertHE and DipHE awardees are not eligible to attend graduation.

What happens if I cannot attend the ceremony?

In very exceptional circumstances you may be able to apply to defer your graduation until the next graduation. Please note that this will be decided on a case by case basis and we offer no guarantees that you will be able to defer. Typically, deferment would be granted for things like ill-health, or death of a close relative, for example. If you wish to apply to defer your graduation please email graduation@winchester.ac.uk.

Which name will appear on my certificate?

Your degree certificate is a unique and important document. The name on your degree certificate should be the same as your full legal name (i.e. the name on your passport/birth certificate/driving licence) at the time you were a student here. If the name on your degree certificate does not match your official name you may have problems in the future, particularly if you are trying to get your qualification recognised abroad.

It is your responsibility to make sure your official name is correct on My Record before you finish your studies. If there are middle names missing, or anything is mis-spelled, please email some official ID (passport, driving license etc) to Registry and we will update your record for you. Please make sure you have checked your name before the 1 September 2022.

Please note that once your certificate has been printed it will not be possible to change your name except in very exceptional circumstances.

When will I receive my certificate?

If your degree was awarded between September 2021 and May 2022, you will receive your certificate in the post.  This will be sent to your home address as shown on My Record.  If your degree is awarded over the summer then you will receive your certificate at Graduation.  If you do not attend graduation, your certificate will be posted to your home address in November.  Please note that it can take six to eight weeks for your certificate to arrive through the post, particularly for international addresses.  If you still have not received your certificate eight weeks after award/graduation please contact graduation@winchester.ac.uk

If you have already received your certificate, you will not get another one at Graduation. Instead, your certificate folder will have a congratulatory letter inside. 

We advise you not to post photographs of your degree certificate showing your name/degree information on social media as it can put you at risk of identity theft. 

If you need to confirm your degree before Graduation, e.g. if you are applying for another course, please contact graduation@winchester.ac.uk and we can write a letter for you explaining the situation.  You do also have access to your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) which is an official university document that details your awarded degree and lists all of your modules and grades. This is accessible through www.gradintel.com. You will have been sent a username when you first started at University. If you have forgotten this please email graduation@winchester.ac.uk and we will resend this to you.  You can securely share your HEAR with prospective employers or other institutions through the Gradintel website.