Explore information about our Graduation ceremonies, held annually in Winchester Cathedral.

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Alan Titchmarsh shaking a graduate's hand


Here you'll find more information about our Graduation ceremonies. 

All certificates for students not able to attend graduation 2018 have now been posted to your home address.

Feel free to get in touch with us about any aspect of Graduation. Email us on graduation@winchester.ac.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1962 827561. 


Graduation Information

2019 Ceremony details

Graduation 2019 will take place week commencing 14 October 2019.  Information about which subjects will graduate on which day will be released in Spring 2019.

Please note that students exiting their intended award early with a Cert HE or Dip HE will not be invited to a graduation ceremony, and ensure that any personal email addresses the University have for you are up to date by My Record.

If you are a combined honours student and your subjects belong to two different faculties, you will graduate with your home faculty. Your home faculty will be noted on your student card. 

If you are a combined honours student and your subjects belong to the same faculty, you will graduate with the subject that comes first alphabetically.

Tickets and seating

Do I need a ticket if I am graduating?

As a graduand, you will not require a ticket to enter the Cathedral but you must wear appropriate academic robes. On entering the Cathedral, you will be checked off on a list to ensure that we are expecting you; so do ensure you have registered in time.

How many guests can I have?

All Graduands attending a ceremony will be allocated 2 guest tickets, free of charge.

Do children need tickets?

Any child over the age of 2 will require a ticket to attend a ceremony. Any child under 2 attending without a ticket must sit on the lap of one of your guests.

It may be worth noting that Graduation ceremonies are long services and are not particularly appropriate for young children who may become bored and restless.

Seating in the Cathedral

Guest seating within the Cathedral is not allocated. We ask that guests make their way to the Cathedral with plenty of time to be seated. The Cathedral is a beautiful but old building with many stone pillars and there are restricted views from some seats.  However, monitors are provided throughout the Cathedral so that you can follow the proceedings on screen from any seat with a restricted view. 

Graduands will be sat at the front of the Cathedral and arranged by programme and then alphabetically. There will be ushers at each ceremony to assist Graduands in finding their seats

Guests with special requirements

There will be an opportunity to let us know if either yourself or any of your guests have any special requirements when you register for graduation. We will make contact with you before your ceremony to discuss how we will meet your requirements.

On the day

What time shall me and my guests arrive?

AM Ceremony

Gown Collection from Guildhall from 8am
Doors of the Cathedral open 9:30am
Time to be seated at Cathedral by 10am
Time Ceremony begins 10.30am
Return of gown and hat by 5:30pm, by 5pm on Friday


PM Ceremony

Gown Collection from Guildhall from 11am
Doors of the Cathedral open 1pm
Time to be seated at Cathedral by 1:30pm
Time Ceremony begins 2pm
Return of gown and hat by 5:30pm, by 5pm on Friday

How long does the ceremony last?

The ceremony normally lasts about one and a half hours but this depends on how many students are graduating and whether or not an honorary degree or honorary fellowship is conferred.

Can my guests take photos/videos of the ceremony?

Unfortunately, we cannot permit any photography or taking of videos of the ceremony. Every ceremony will be professionally filmed and photographed and DVDs and souvenir photos will be available to purchase from Winchester Guildhall.

Where can I get official photos taken?

Tempest Photography (the University’s only authorised graduation photography company) will be providing a graduation photography service inside the Guildhall next to the room where the gown hire takes place.   You can have official photographs taken before or after your ceremony and you can have a group photograph with your family and friends. Photography sessions cannot be booked and photographs cannot be pre-ordered before the day but there are plenty of studios set up ready to take your photographs.  A still photograph is also taken of each graduate as they shake hands with the Chancellor in the Cathedral and is available to order from the Tempest website

What refreshments will be available on the day?

Refreshments are available through various catering outlets in Winchester and graduands and their families and friends can choose whichever refreshments suit them i.e. formal lunches and dinners or refreshments in pubs or tearooms. Some faculties hold a celebratory reception event, details of which will be sent to you at the same time as your official ceremony invitation.

Where do I find out about the Graduation Ball?

The Graduation Ball is organised by the Student Union. Details of the event will be available on their website close to the time.


When will I receive my certificate?

Your certificate will be issued to you on the day of Graduation, if you attend. Please double check the information on the certificate is correct. Take good care of your certificate – it is a valuable and unique document that verifies your award. Your certificate will show your full name, award, programme of study, classification and the date your award was confirmed.

If your award was confirmed before May 2019, you should have already received your certificate by post. If this is the case, you will not receive another on the day of your ceremony.

What if I do not attend Graduation?

If you do not attend a ceremony, your certificate will be sent to you by post as soon as possible afterwards. Your certificate will be sent to the home address which is held on our student records system – so it is important to check this is up to date via ‘My Record’!

Which name will appear on my certificate?

The name on your certificate should be your full legal name; we will use the name you provided at enrolment. If this is miss-spelt or missing any middle names, please double check this and contact registry.enquiries@winchester.ac.uk to make any changes as soon as possible. Please note that we will not be able to change the name on your certificate once it has been printed. It is your responsibility to ensure all of your details held by the University are up to date. Information currently held by the University such as your name and address can be seen on your ‘My Record’ screen on the University Intranet. 

Graduation gifts and merchadise

See below for links to purchase Graduation merchandise

​Click here to purchase a Graduation DVD​

Order your Graduation official photos 

Order a Graduation Hoodie or T-Shirt


How do I register?

Details of how to register will be in your personal graduation invitation. This invitation will be emailed to your University email address and any other email address you have provided in Summer 2019. You must accept the invitation and register your attendance at Graduation by Friday 23rd August 2019. If you fail to respond to your invitation by the deadline, we will assume you will not be attending.

Please ensure that any personal email addresses the University have for you are up to date by ‘My Record’.

What happens if I cannot attend the ceremony?

If you are unable to attend your ceremony, you must follow the instructions on your Personal Graduation Invitation and tick that you will not be attending. Your degree will then be conferred ‘in absentia’. Your name will appear in the programme but will not be read out during the ceremony. Your certificate will be posted to your home address after the ceremony if you have not already received it.

Please ensure that your home address is up to date via ‘My Record’.

Outstanding Fees/ Debts

If, at the time of sending out the tickets, you owe money, books or other equipment to the University, you will not be allowed to attend your graduation ceremony. You will not be sent confirmation that you can attend nor any tickets for your guests.

Is it possible to swap to another ceremony?

It is not possible to switch between ceremonies, as they are held by Faculty. If the date is inconvenient, you may choose to graduate in absentia.

What to wear

Do I have to wear the cap and gown?

You cannot have your award conferred without the proper academic dress. Please hire the appropriate academic robe, hood and mortar board for the award you are receiving. Remember to bring some safety pins and hair grips to help secure your hood and mortar board.

Worth noting: mortar boards are not to be worn inside the Cathedral.

How do I hire my gown?

The company that holds the academic dress for the University is called J. Wippell & Co. To order your academic dress please visit their website, which contains details of which hood you require for the award you are receiving.

You must order your academic dress no later than 21 days before the ceremony.

What should I wear?

There is no strict dress code but graduands and guests usually wear smart clothes.  Please be aware that the floor of the Cathedral is an uneven stone floor and graduands will be asked to walk up some steps to greet the Chancellor so it will be best to consider wearing suitable footwear and avoid excessively high heels.
The graduation hood is fastened by a loop that needs to be attached to a shirt or jacket style button; wearing something like this may help keep your academic dress secure. 

Do remember that graduation will be inside a Cathedral and is held in mid-October, so please do dress appropriately.

Where do I collect my gown?

On the day of your graduation, you will need to collect your gown and hat from the Winchester Guildhall prior to your ceremony. If your ceremony is in the morning, you can collect your gown from 08:00 am. If your ceremony is in the afternoon, you can collect your gown from 11:00 am. All gowns should be returned by 5.30 pm (or 5pm on Friday). The Winchester Guildhall is in the centre of town approximately five minutes’ walk from the cathedral. You may find it useful to bring some safety pins to help hold your hoods in place.

Getting there

Where can my guests park?

There is no parking available at the Cathedral and public car parks will have to be used. We recommend the use of Park and Ride during the Graduation ceremonies, there are also several long and short-stay car parks within easy walking distance of the Cathedral and the Guildhall and these are marked on the map below.

The Parking Office +44 (0) 1962 848346 can also advise you on parking in the city.