Education and Childhood Studies

We offer a vision of higher education that gives priority to your personal, social, ethical and spiritual development.


Our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are designed to integrate subject disciplines into a coherent and challenging educational experience, offering breadth and depth.

In addition, the department also provides an academic home for a range of PhD projects supervised by our tutor team who all actively participate in high-impact, values-driven research and write within their specialist areas.

We believe that a course of study in higher education is more than just its content. In our view, higher education means learning about ourselves at the same time as we learn about academic subjects. We hope that you, in addition to studying, will also want to embrace learning as a way of life, and that these experiences together will constitute the relevance and substance of what is 'higher' in higher education. To this end our programmes combine core modules with a variety of optional modules which you can choose according to your own interests.

Putting this vision into practice means:

First, offering you the chance to challenge your ideas about the world against perspectives which try to explain the way we live.

Second, it means support for your learning so that you always know that someone is interested in your development.

Third, it means we will push you to succeed beyond your own expectations of yourself.

If we are successful, you will be aware at the end of your third year of the possibilities that the world offers you and of the ways in which you can serve the wider community.

Many of our graduates tell us that they leave with a faith in learning which lasts them well beyond the institution.

Meet the Education and Childhood Studies team

Head of Department

Dr Marie Morgan, Senior Lecturer in Education Studies

Academic team

Dr Amanda Norman, Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies

Dr Simon Boxley, Senior Lecturer in Education

Dr Alexis Gibbs, Senior Lecturer in Education

Dr Michal Hall, Senior Lecturer in Education

Catherine Holloway, Lecturer in Education

Dr Karen Morris, Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies

Eleanor Simpson, Lecturer in Education

Dr Adrian Skilbeck, Senior Lecturer in Education

Dr Caroline Stockman​, Senior Lecturer in Education

Prof Wayne Veck, Reader in Education

Research in Education and Childhood Studies

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