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Dr Michael Hall is a Senior Lecturer in Education.  He has worked across the education sector in various capacities, including as a secondary school teacher and primary school governor.  Prior to returning to higher education he worked in policy, research, public affairs and communications for business organisations in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Michael joined the Education Studies team in 2015.  He teaches on a range of modules, focusing particularly on inclusion in education and the relation between politics and education.  He has also supported the University of Winchester’s work in promoting equity in access to, success in and progression from higher education


Hall, M. (2020). Towards a parrhesiastic engagement with graduate employability. Power and Education12(1), 110122. https://doi.org/10.1177/1757743819890356

Hall, M. (2020).  Listening to Learn: the voices of Service children.  Winchester: University of Winchester.  https://www.scipalliance.org/assets/files/Listening-to-learn-FINAL-ONLINE-2020_05_14.pdf

McCullouch, J., Hall, M. and Ellis, S. (2018).  The education of children from military families: identity and agency.  Educationalfutures, 9(2).  https://educationstudies.org.uk/?p=10154

McCullouch, J. and Hall, M. (2016).  Further and Higher Progression for Service Children: Research paper.  Winchester: University of Winchester.  https://www.scipalliance.org/assets/files/UoW-research-paper_Further-and-Higher-Progression-for-Service-Children.pdf

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