Department of Policing, Criminology and Forensics

As a nation we cannot help but become obsessed with true crime podcasts, police drama shows or forensic investigation programmes. It is an area that fascinates the human mind and offers an exhilarating and rewarding area of study. 

Our Department is home to a range of high-quality programmes covering a range of subject areas within:

We offer an exciting and welcoming environment, designed to give students interactive and practical experience to build the knowledge and skills that will allow them to make a real-world difference, whilst being at the forefront of the study of a range of contemporary issues such as identity, investigation, and insecurity. 

Our expert teaching team have a wealth of first-hand experience and use this to bring their subjects to life, as well as drawing on the expertise of specialists from across the University such as from Philosophy, Law, Psychology and beyond. 

The Department of Policing, Criminology and Forensics hosts state of the art facilities, combined with real-world experiences and examples, developed through strong external relationships to allow students to work a develop collaboratively for positive change in the local, national, and global community. 

The department has specialist facilities and a dedicated Laboratory Manager. Explore our facilities. 

Our Cold Case Unit helps Forensic Investigation students to understand the challenges of cold case investigation and trains the next generation of leading investigators.

At postgraduate level we offer an MSc in Applied Criminology, and we warmly welcome enquiries about postgraduate research. Find out more about doing a postgraduate research degree at Winchester.

Our courses are designed to equip students with all the skills, knowledge, and confidence they will need to pursue successful and fulfilling careers in the future. 

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Head of Department

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Visiting Lecturers

 Luca Manelli, Lecturer in Forensic Investigation

Technical staff

Dr David Ashby, Laboratory Manager

Eleanor James, Forensics Laboratory Technician

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