Capturing the pandemic for posterity: University of Winchester launches coronavirus diary project

18 Jun 2020

We are living through an historic global crisis as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds and future generations will want to know how we spent our days. What was the local, lived experience of a global pandemic from day to day and week to week?

The University of Winchester is inviting members of the public to keep a diary and document their experiences of living during this unsettling time to help create a coronavirus archive.

"This is a history that everyone will be looking back on and contributions from members of the public are key to capturing this moment," said Amanda Norman, senior lecturer in the University's department of Education Studies and Liberal Arts, who is leading the initiative.

"Through the diary project we aim to collect powerful memories from a wide range of people. Events are changing daily and they are specific to us all, and our families, friends and communities, so we really hope people will want to get involved."

Assistant Librarian Mike Jones added: "The emphasis is on self-expression, candour and a willingness to report and share experiences - not on grammar and spelling. Diarists may type or write by hand, transcribe news, draw, compose poems, create a vlog, record their thoughts as audio files, and gather stories."

The University would like people to start recording their thoughts as soon as possible and keep doing so until 1 December 2020. Diaries may be submitted on completion or in parts.

More information is available at: or via email at:

The coronavirus archive will be kept in the University's Martial Rose Library and in the future will be accessible to the public by request, as well as online. It is also hoped to create an exhibition in 2021.

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