Sustainability Statement

Take a look at our latest sustainability statement


Our values

We are a community committed to making a difference, passionate about seeing individuals and communities flourish.

The University’s values of the Love of Learning, Individual and Shared Endeavour and Making a Difference, alongside the Union’s vision to empower students, shape how we do this and why – we believe academic freedom leads to big ideas which in turn lead to social justice and creativity for a better world.

Our community is at the heart of everything we do.


To us, sustainability means living in harmony, acting with kindness, and caring for all living things, now and for future generations. 

This means we act responsibly, consider the wider implications of our actions, and strive to see our lives having a positive impact on the world.

We equip our graduates with the skills to make a difference in their future careers and enable staff and students to consider their individual and collective environmental and social impacts.

We take the challenges that the world faces seriously. We engage in meaningful and critical dialogue and ensure that social justice is at our core.

Sustainability is a way of life at Winchester and we incorporate it in everything we do.
We see sustainability as fundamental to our culture and practice and is our ‘business as usual’. We are progressive and pioneering, ahead of our time. Our staff and students are engaged in the importance of sustainability and feel confident to engage with finding solutions to our world’s greatest challenges.


The above statement was developed collaboratively with input from 100 staff, students, and community members. Their responses were collected online and in person from January – April 2018.

It articulates a shared vision for sustainability and deepens our joint ownership across all parts of the university and student union community.

It is signed by Prof Joy Carter, VC University of Winchester, and Tali Atvars, President Winchester Student Union, in recognition of the shared commitment of all students and staff.