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Dr Caroline Stockman is a Senior Fellow in Learning and Teaching at the University of Winchester. Her research centres on the triangle of technology, education and culture, with a specific interest in the human-technology relationship. In her recent Routledge monograph, Decoding Technology Acceptance in Education, she explores the limits of technological determinism and shows how the lived experience of interacting with technology impacts on everyday practices.

Until 2018 she was Faculty of Head of Quality, and chair for the Faculty Academic Development Committee. She was Programme Leader for the BA (Hon) Education Studies (including pathways and named combination awards), currently Module Leader for Technology in Education, Physical Education, and Cultural Studies. 

Areas of expertise

Technology in Education

Philosophy of Technology

Interdisciplinary and mixed-methods research.


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  • Stockman, C. (2016) Empirical Data and Emerging Power Critiques: Lessons Learned. The Electronic Journal of e-Learning, 14 (5), 312-21.
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