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Dr Mark Rutter is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing. he holds an MA from the University of York and a PhD from the University of Southampton. His doctoral thesis is titled Poetry, Art and the Book in Modern Britain. Mark has taught English and Creative Writing at the University of Maine at Machias, the University of Maine at Orono, and Southampton University. At the University of Winchester Mark teaches Writing and the Environment, Writing Comics and Graphic Novels, Science Fictions and Fantasies, and Poetry Now.

In addition to publishing collections of his poetry Mark has also published artists' books and illustrated broadsides. His poems have appeared in literary journals throughout the English-speaking world and his paintings, prints and artists’ books have been exhibited in the UK and USA.


Areas of expertise

  • Poetry
  • Art and language
  • Nature writing



  • Simple Cells, (Poetry collection) inkConcrete, 2020
  • Oorts Cloud, (Artist's Book, in collaboration with Kate Dicker), 2019
  • Homage to Andrei Tarkovsky, (Illustrated poetry pamphlet/Artists' book) Tatlin Books, Maine, 2016
  • Bashō in Acadia, Flarestack Poets, 2015 link: www.flarestackpoets.co.uk
  • water fir rook hand, (Poetry collection) Tatlin Books, Maine, 2002
  • After Blake (Artists' book), Tatlin Books, Maine, 1999
  • The Farmhouse Voices (Poetry collection), Puckerbrush Press, Maine, 1992
  • Snails (Poetry pamphlet), Paranoia Press, Middlesbrough, 1989

Illustrated broadsides and visual poems

  • A Prophecy, Hummadruz Press 2019
  • Summer Dreaming, Hummadruz Press 2019
  • New Forest Triptych, Tatlin Books, Maine 2019
  • Three Dreams, Tatlin Books, Maine 2017
  • Snowdrift, Tatlin Books, Maine, 2013
  • one raindrop, Tatlin Books, Maine, 2010
  • from the woods at the end, Tatlin Books, Maine, 2009
  • Vortice-Forest 1 and 2, Tatlin Books, Maine, 2007
  • Arcana, Tatlin Books, Maine, 2001
  • Heretical Satire I, Tatlin Books, Maine, 2001
  • Poem for James Joyce, Tatlin Books, Maine, 1999
  • Alphabets, dbqp, New York, 1996


  • Dark Mountain Vol 13, 2018; Nature and Death, Corbelstone Press, 2017; 1 to 6, John Hansard Gallery, 2017
  • Haiku humours, Iron Press, 2012
  • white peak dark peak, morning star, 2010 link: www.whitepeak-darkpeak.co.uk
  • (Online poetry/environmental writing project. Poets chosen by Alec Finlay.)
  • Exposure (Anthology of flash fiction), Cinnamon Press, 2010
  • Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Vol. 3, Modern English Tanka Press, 2010
  • Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Vol. 2, Modern English Tanka Press, 2009
  • white lies, red moon press, 2009
  • Wing Beats: British Birds in Haiku, Snapshot Press, 2008
  • dust of summers, red moon press, 2007
  • Miracle and Clockwork: The Best of Other Poetry, Other Poetry Editions, 2005 (The anthology title was taken from a line in my poem 'The Garden in the Clearing')

Poetry magazines

My poems and fictions have appeared in the following magazines (selected):

Agenda, Anima, Blithe Spirit, Bogg, Dreamcatcher, Envoi, Fire, Frogmore Papers, Frogpond, HQ, Haiku Scotland, Interpreter's House, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Iota, Iron, The Journal, Kaldron On-Line, London Magazine, Magma, Message In A Bottle, Morphrog, Moodswing, Mudfish, Nexus, Other Poetry, Otoliths, Orbis, Outposts, Piedmont Review, Poetry Durham, Poetry Monthly, Presence, Prole, Puckerbrush Review, Reach Poetry, The Reader, The Rialto, roadrunner.org, Sarasvati, Screech Owl, Snakeskin.org, Spokes, Stand, Staple, Temenos, Tenth Muse, Terrible Work, The New Writer, Under the Radar, Weyfarers, Woodnotes, Yefief.

Editing and publishing

  • Hummadruz Press, 2018 - present (hand-printed broadsides and mail-art)
  • Vortex: Winchester University Magazine of Student Writing, 2007 - present
  • Blithe Spirit: The Journal of the British Haiku Society, Volume 19, 1-4, 2009
  • Slithy Toves: a zine of poetry and art, 1-5, 1993-4


  • In the Eye of the Blackbird, landscapes and lettering pieces, Link Gallery, University of Winchester, Nov-Dec 2017
  • Homage To Andrei Tarkovsky to be exhibited in Ink + Metal + Paper, 23 Sandy Art Gallery, Portland, Oregon, February 2016.
  • Miracle and Clockwork: Paintings, Prints, Lettering Works, Turner Sims Concert Hall, University of Southampton, 2007.
  • After Blake, exhibited in Matter and Spirit: The Genesis and Evolution of the Book, Wells Book Arts Center, Aurora, New York, 2004.
  • Book arts work included in A Landlocked Press Retrospective, Centre For Maine Contemporary Art, Rockland, Maine, 2001.

Conference presentations

  • New Directions in Eco-Poetry, Centre for Material and Text Conference, University of Winchester, May 2017
  • 'Draft as Avant-Text: the Manuscripts of David Jones's 'A, a, a, Domine Deus', Make Every Word Hurts Conference, University of Winchester, July 2014.
  • Drawings of Women in the Manuscripts of In Parenthesis', David Jones Society Conference, National Library of Wales, June 2014.
  • 'The Tragic Muse: a study of the manuscripts of In Parenthesis', British Modernism Seminar, University of Winchester, November 2012.



I have read my poetry and flash fictions at the following venues and events: Nehru Centre, Hansard Gallery, Troubadour Poetry Café, Poetry Society Café, Imagistic Cardiff Arts Centre, Maine Centre For Contemporary Arts, University of Derby, Surry Opera Barn (USA), Hampshire Writers Society, University of Winchester 'Off with their Masks' Reading Series.

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