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Dr Rachel Locke is a Senior Lecturer in International Development: Global Health in the Department of Interprofessional Studies, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing.  She is convenor of the University's Centre for Global Health.

She is a social scientist with first, Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Sheffield Hallam, York and Newcastle Universities.  Prior to working at Winchester, over the last twenty years Rachel has held academic positions in UK Universities, including at King’s College London.  She has led a programme of collaborative research concerning health professional education, development and practice underpinned by substantial funding.  Rachel’s work employs distinctive qualitative research methods that enable her to listen attentively, explore the experiences of professionals and broker their narratives to wider audiences.  Her commitment is to collaborative insider research that involves professionals and academic researchers and evidences those aspects of professional practice that may otherwise be taken for granted.  Her educational research expertise enables her to identify and (re)frame issues and explore solutions to the challenges associated with contemporary work, professional learning/practices.   

Areas of expertise

  • Workplace learning of health professionals with a particular focus on what works well;
  • Vulnerabilities of health professionals including support and wellbeing;
  • Qualitative research design including the development of methods sensitive to participant / practitioner ‘voice’;
  • Collaborative practitioner research to uncover what may otherwise be taken for granted about professional practice.


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