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Glenn Fosbraey is the Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Head of English and Creative Writing. He has published various books, journal articles and chapters on the subjects of drama, song lyrics, and pedagogical processes in HE, and runs the University's record label 'Splendid Fred Records', which has won a national Green Gown Award and reached the finals of the International Green Gown Awards. Glenn has been a member of the Creative Writing team since January 2009, during which time he has received a number of Learning and Teaching Awards, become a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, set up the theatre companies Depthcharge and Splendid Fred Theatre, for which he directed/ produced a number of original plays across Hampshire, and created the online music magazine Splendid Fred Magazine.
As well as his academic work, Glenn has published poetry and short stories as well as non-fiction about amateur theatre production. Before coming to The University of Winchester, Glenn worked as a copywriter, PR Officer, and proofreader.

Areas of expertise

  • Song Lyrics (critical and creative approaches)
  • Site-specific theatre
  • Horror Fiction
  • Podcasting/ Radio



Coastal Environments in Popular Song: Lost Horizons. Routledge (Due Dec 2022)
Creative Approaches to Higher Education Pedagogy in the Arts and Humanities (editor). Bloomsbury (Due 2023)
Reading Eminem. Palgrave Macmillan (2022)

Viva Hate: exploring hatred in popular music. Cambridge Scholars Press (2022)
Misogyny, toxic masculinity, and heteronormativity in post-2000 popular music (co-editor) Palgrave Macmillan (2021)

Composing Song Lyrics: Creative and Critical Approaches. Palgrave Macmillan. With Professor Andrew Melrose (2019)

‘From Endless Summer to Endless Bummer: The Californian ‘beach song’ from 19622020’. In Lost Horizons: Song lyrics and the coast. (2022)

'Manipulation and truth in The Final Cut.' Pink Floyd. A Multi-disciplinary Understanding of a Global Music Brand. Routledge (2022)

'Featuring... Nicki Minaj'. In Fosbraey and Puckey (eds) Misogyny, toxic masculinity, and heteronormativity in post-2000 popular music. Palgrave Macmillan (2021)
'I’m (not) your man’ 'Songs of Leonard Cohen'. In: Billingham, P. ed. Spirituality and Desire in Leonard Cohen’s Song and Poems. Cambridge Scholars Press (2017)
Refereed articles

‘Two of us: Co-teaching in the HE classroom’ (with Daniel Ash) Juice Journal (2022)

‘Same old thing: The Streets and the importance of the everyday’. What, like it’s hard? Podcast (2021)

‘Exploring Song Lyrics’. The English Review magazine. 31.2 (2020)

‘Morrissey and The Carnivalesque’. AXON (2019)

‘Why Study Creative Writing in HE?’ The English Review magazine (2019)
'Living Inside and Outside songs.' AXON (2018)
'Passion and Knowledge: Reflections on teaching in Higher Education'. Writing in Education Journal, 74 (2018)
'Disrupting Status Quo: Pedagogical Approaches to Song Lyrics.' Creative Academic, 2 (2015)
'Approaches to low budget theatre making.' National Drama Journal (2014)
Other publications
This Changes Everything: 11 songs about Climate Change [online]. [CD]. iTunes; Google Play; Spotify: Splendid Fred Records. 2016
Performances, Exhibitions and Installations

2020. ‘Climate 4 Change 2020’ (Producer/ Director). Winchester Theatre Royal
2019. ‘Winched from the Crypt’ (Producer/ Director). Winchester Theatre Royal
2019. ‘Climate 4 Change’ (Producer/ Director). Winchester Theatre Royal
2019. ‘Out of the Vortex (Producer/ Director). Winchester Theatre Royal
2014. Brenton, Howard. Bloody Poetry (Producer). University of Winchester.
2014. Pinter, Harold. The Lover (Director). Winchester Theatre Royal 
2013. Tony Marchant. Raspberry (Director). Winchester Theatre Royal
2013. ‘God Helmet’ (Producer/ Director). Brighton Fringe Festival.
2013. ‘Leather Handshake’ (Producer/ Director). Tudor House, Southampton
2012. Bond, Edward. The Children (Producer). Winchester Theatre Royal
Curated exhibitions
'This Changes Everything' - Multi-Media Art Exhibition about Climate Change. Stripe Studios/Hansard Gallery. 2018
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