Classical Studies students are really going places this summer

5 Jun 2024
Three young women sitting on bench in front of stone wall

Three Classical Studies students from the University of Winchester will be able to expand their knowledge of the ancient world after earning sought-after summer placements. 

Chloe Cope-Clarke, from Sittingbourne in Kent, has been given a summer internship at the University of Cambridge.  

She will live in one of the Cambridge colleges while undertaking six weeks’ paid work during July and August as part of the Aspiring Researchers programme. 

Chloe, one of only eight students accepted onto the programme, will be delving into classical references in the works of Elizabethan playwright John Lyly. 

The 20-year-old had to draw up a proposal for her research topic and go through an interview to win her place. 

“I wanted to do something on renaissance theatre and I chose Lyly because there’s been very little work done on him,” said Chloe. 

Her dissertation is on a much better-known writer – Oscar Wilde ­– and his relationship with the classics in his life and work. 

Amy Craig, from Maidstone, will be exploring the treasures of ancient Greece after gaining a place at the British School at Athens summer school. More than 140 students from across the UK to take part in the summer school – fewer than 30 were accepted. 

During her three weeks in Greece at the end of August and beginning of September, Amy will be given special access to many ancient sites including the Acropolis, Delphi, Mycenae, Sparta and Corinth.  

Amy, 21, said the trip will be a great help with her dissertation on the poet Sylvia Plath and her use of the classics. 

“It will be cool to see the places she wrote about,” said Amy. 

Poppy Grand, 20 from Exeter, has secured funding to attend the Belfast Summer School in Ancient Languages in July. 

 She won’t be attending the course in person because of a clash of dates. Instead, she will be learning Ancient Greek online in between visiting archaeological sites in Italy. 

“My dissertation is on Athenian tragedy and knowing some more Greek will be useful when I am looking at translations of the plays,” said Poppy. 

Dr Polly Stoker, Lecturer in Classical Studie at the University of Winchester, said: "This is an exceptional cohort of Classical Studies students - and I am so proud of these three. They are excellent ambassadors for the programme, the University, and the subject." 

Pictured above: Classical Studies students Amy Craig, Poppy Grand and Chloe Cope-Clarke who have an exciting summer ahead of them...


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