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Shira Pinczuk is a free-lance journalist and award-winning filmmaker. She was the BJTC Journalist of the Year in 2011 and her work has been screened at national, European and international film festivals.

She is currently an AVPHD student at Goldsmith University of London, working on theory of filmmaking and the exploration of realistic documentary in conflict areas. Her research reflects on borders as physical, psychological and political entities, and filming across borders and boundaries. Her work has brought her to close contact with several ethno-religious minorities in the MiddleEast, such as the Bedouins, the Samaritans and the Druze people.

She continues to maintain both her academic activity at the University of Winchester, where she leads the program in Journalism, and the field activity and academic cooperation in Israel.

Higher Education Teaching Qualification: Higher Education Academy Fellowship (FHEA)

Areas of expertise

  • ???Borders and Boundaries in conflict areas and media influence on them.
  • Israeli Cinema in the context of the Zionist- Arab Conflict
  • Orientalism and the Israeli cinema
  • Representation of minorities in cinema
  • The representation of religious minority groups within the Israeli context.
  • The status of women in religious minority groups
  • Learning and Teaching methods for journalism ??



"Karet", 10 min, documentary

  • Official Selection, the NEU/NOW International Online Festival for European Arts Graduates, 2011, the Netherlands (www.neunow.com)
  • Official Selection - the NEU/NEW Live Film Festival, Tallin, 2011 

"Karet", 30 min, documentary (DVD)

  • Winner, BJTC  TV News Feature category, London, 2011
  • Finalist, Royal Television Society Postgraduate National Award, London, 2012
  • Official Selection, Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival, San Francisco, 2012

Print Publications

  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2012). Scents of Europe. Masa Acher, 250. P26. (Hebrew).
  • Pinczuk S. (2010). It's All About a Ball of Dough. Masa Acher, 227. P34. (Hebrew).
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2010). Longing Holly Hobbie. Masa Acher, 226. p100. (Hebrew).   
  • Pinczuk S. (2010). Vegetation Model Can Help Predict Desertification. Geographical, May 2010. P10. (English).
  • Pinczuk S. (2010). Volcanoes Slowing Climate Change. Geographical, May2010. P12 (English)
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2010). Telenovela Mocheno-Style. Masa Acher, 221. p100. (Hebrew).
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2010).  A Real Cowboy. Teva Hadvarim, 171. p70. (Hebrew).
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2009). The Hidden secret of the Rockies. Masa Acher, 218. p 38. (Hebrew).
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2009). The Deli Island. Masa Acher, 214. p 36. (Hebrew).
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2009). Where is my cheese gone?, Masa Acher, 212. p. 50 (Hebrew).
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2009). Ski for Families. Masa Acher, 208. p. 21 (Hebrew).
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2007). Of Cinnamon and Clove, Massa Acher, 195, p 32. (Hebrew)
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2007). Lessons in Craftsmanship, Massa Acher, 191, p 80-85. (Hebrew)
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2007). Dolce Lago - Life on the shores of North Italy's lakes, Massa Acher,189, p. 68. (Hebrew) 
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2007). The Secrets of the Oaks. Teva Hadvarim, 140, p 54-64.   (Hebrew)
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2006). On the way to Heaven, Eretz Vateva,106, p 53-57. (Cover Article) (Hebrew)
  • Ron Y, Pinczuk S. (2002). The Hammer Tribes of Dimaka. Teva Hadvarim, 75, p 32-49.(Hebrew)
  • Pinczuk S, Porat N, Zelker R. 2005. Music: the curing art. The use of music during the treatment in children with burns as a mean for reduction of pain and anxiety. Israeli Nursing (HaHahot Beysrael) 172, 21-25 (Hebrew).

Online Publications

  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2010). Longing Holly Hobbie. 2/09/10 (Hebrew)  
  • Pinczuk Viola S. (2010). Quest for a TrueWild West Cowboy. 17/02/10 (Hebrew)         
  • Pinczuk Viola S. Ski for Families. 15/02/2009. (Hebrew)
  • Pinczuk Viola S. From the Farm to the Customer. 12/07/2009 (Hebrew) 
  • Pinczuk Viola S. Who Rolled my Cheese? 05/05/2009(Hebrew). 
  • Pinczuk Viola S. Italian Cinnamon for Winter. 26/12/2007. (Hebrew) 
  • Pinczuk S, Viola N. The Mocheni Valley: of smells and memories. 02/04/2007 (Hebrew) 
  • Pinczuk S, Viola N. Forever after the sun. 08/03/2007. (Hebrew) 
  • Pinczuk S, Viola N. Good life on the Terrace:  Mezzacororna. 29/01/2007. (Hebrew) 
  • Pinczuk S, Viola N. The day God separated water from water in the Lake District. 17/01/2007 (Hebrew) 
  • Pinczuk S, Viola N. Spooky Winchester. 14/12/2006. (Hebrew) 
  • Pinczuk S. The Christmas Market of Bolzano. 26/11/2006. (Hebrew)
  • Pinczuk S, Viola N. Travel in Time through a Picture, part II. 02/11/2006. (Hebrew) 
  • Pinczuk S, Viola N. Travel in Time through a Picture, part I. 26/10/2006. (Hebrew)            
  • Pinczuk S, Viola N. Titanic: Behind the Scenes. 11/10/2006. (Hebrew)     
  • Pinczuk S, Viola N. Where is the Puffin? Biking in the Isle of Purbeck.  27/09/2006. (Hebrew)   
  • Pinczuk S. Famous Trees. 31/08/2006. (Hebrew) 
  • Pinczuk S, Cohen P, Elbaz S. Information booklet on the treatment of children with burn injuries. Editor: Porat N. 2004 (Hebrew)


  • Pinczuk Vio la S. (2007). Section Photofinish, Teva Hadvarim, 136, p 116.
  • Pinczuk S. (2006). Picture of the Week, Masa Acher Mail, 175.     
  • Pinczuk S. (2010). The Not-So-Wild-After All Wild west. Teva Hadvarim Kids. P4-11


  • ??Pinczuk, S (2014), Crossing the line: the Concept of Border in Realistic Documentary. Joint Westminster PhD Symposium, London, UK
  •  ?Pinczuk, S (2012), Karet.  111th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA
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