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Professor Burke PhD MBA DMS is Professor of Management with Winchester Business School, in the Faculty of Business, Law and Sport. She holds a PhD in Information Systems; a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (DMS). Her previous appointment was as Reader within Salford Business School at the University of Salford.

Maria has a well established research profile, evidenced by an extensive record in the fields of Systems / Business / Management which include peer-reviewed publications; a successful track record in obtaining competitively funded research grants and an excellent track record in establishing collaboration in community, business and government contexts. She has a significant record of international publications and an excellent record of attracting external income from UK Research Councils and European Union Funds, winning international prizes for the research such as the B2B Best Internet Award and the EPSRC National Impact Prize.

Professor Burke has experience of leading research projects both as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on various projects, having been successfully awarded several EPSRC grants. One of these grants, valued at £1.4 million, aimed to explore the application of Digital Technologies to the High Street. This research attracted significant partners, national and international press and featured in New Scientist; the New York TimesJapan Times and the technology journal WIRED.

Maria has also contributed to the workings of the UK Research Councils. Experience in this area, includes invited membership of the Special Commissioning Panel for the Research Seminars Competitive Fund; member of the Expert Commissioning Panel for the awards of Research-First Grants in Business and Management and membership of several Funding Panels including Research in the Wild grants.

She has authored several textbooks. In addition she has published book chapters, many peer-refereed international journal papers and national reports. She has also delivered papers at many conferences both nationally and internationally and organised and led international panels and workshops. She is an active Editorial Board member of the Journal of Documentation and a new journal published by Elsevier, focussed on technological innovation, the International Journal of the Digital Human.

Maria also has experience within multicultural environments having worked with a range of international Universities in Europe, China and Russia such as the Nicholas Copernicus University; Warsaw Technical University; Jagiellonian University; Budapest Technical Universities; Etvos Lorand University, National University of Columbia and various Russian and Belorussian State Universities.

Areas of expertise

  • Management
  • Information systems



  • Burke, M & Hudson-Smith, A & O'Callaghan, S & Macdonald, J & Rogers, J & Speed, C 2012, I am Seeing Things: TOTeM: Tales of Things and Electronic Memory, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
  • Burke, M 2003, The Phenomenal Power of Business Intelligence: Managerial Skills for the 21st Century, Taylor and Francis (Europa), London, UK
  • Burke, M. and Hall, H. Navigating Business Information Sources (1998). Library Association Publishing

Journal articles

  • Burke, M (Submitted) The Design and Value of 'Early Adopter' Low-Energy Houses. Construction Innovation.
  • Gee, C & Burke, M 2000, 'Realising potential: the new motivational game', Management Decision, 39(2), 131-37
  • Burke, M & Tulitt, K 1999, 'The Impact of Information Needs on Organizational Designs', Journal of the American Society of Information Science, 50(4), pp.380-81

Book sections

  • Burke, M & Speed, C 2014 'Knowledge Recovery - Applications of Technology and Memory', in: Uberveillance and the Social Implications of Microchip Implants: Emerging Technologies, IGI Publishing, NSW, Australia
  • Burke, M & Speed, C 2014 'Knowledge Recovery: Applications of Technology and Memory', in: Michael, M & Michael, K (eds.), Uberveillance and the Social Implications of Microchip Implants: Emerging Technologies, IGI Global, Sydney, Australia, pp.133-42
  • Burke, M 2008 'Organisational Excellence: Towards New Views of Culture', in: Business, Changes and Communism, IGI Publishing, PA, USA
  • Burke, M 2008 'Cultural Issues, Organisational Hierarchy and Information Fulfilment: An Exploration Towards Improved Knowledge Management Relationships', in: Handbook of Research on Knowledge Intensive Management, IGI Publishing, Hershey, USA
  • Burke, M & Baloh, P 2007 'Attaining Organisational Innovations: Better Smart than Fast', in: Organizational Dynamics of Technology Based Innovation: Diversifying the Research Agenda, Springer, Manchester, UK
  • Burke, M 2003 'Relationships Between Scalar Chains and Information Fulfilment: Towards a New Epistemology', in: Przestrzen Informacji I Komminikacji Spolecznej [The Area of Information and Social Communication], Uniwersyteu Jafiello Akiego, Krakow, Poland.American Society of Information Science, 50(4), pp.380-81

Guest editorships of journals

  • Burke, M 2011, 'Special Issue on Knowledge Sharing in Emerging Economies', Library Review, 60(1)

Newspaper articles

  • Burke, M 2012, 'The Oxfam Charity Buys That Speak for Themselves', in: Manchester Evening News, Life and Style, 06/03/2012

Papers in published conference proceedings

  • Sulimain, N & Burke, M 2011, Earth, Fire and Water: Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Recovery and Knowledge Investment - Investigating Malaysian Community Behaviour, in: 'DEIT 2011 - International Conference on Data Engineering and Internet Technology', DEIT, Bali, Indonesia
  • Brown, P & Burke, M & Morris, G & Webster, P 2011, The Salford House: Reporting on the Impacts and Contemporary Implications of a 1970's Low-energy House, in: 'European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy', Energy Efficiency First: the Foundation of a Low Carbon Society, Toulon, France
  • Sulimain, N & Burke, M 2011, Global Perspectives on Knowledge Sharing: Investigating Malaysian Online Community Behaviour, in: '11th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations Management', International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations Management, Madrid, Spain
  • Sulimain, N & Burke, M 2011, Investigating Malaysian Online Community Behaviour, in: '8th International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning', The Institute for Knowledge and Southeast Asia of Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Jimenez, C & Burke, M & Ceballos, J 2011, La Gestión del Conocimiento en un Entorno Virtual de Red Académica (The Management of the Knowledge in Virtual Surroundings of Academic Network), in: 'ALTEC - XIV Congress of Latin American of Technology Management', ALTEC XIV, Lima, Peru
  • Amon, I & Jimenez, C & Burke, M 2010, Methodological guide to the selection of techniques for correction of missing values in the discovery of new knowledge. , in: 'IBERGECYT (Ibero-American seminar for the exchange and updating of Knowledge Management development', National University of Colombia, Medellin, Colombia. Conference details: IBERGECYT (Ibero-American seminar for the exchange and updating of Knowledge Management development. Havana, Cuba
  • Burke, M 2010, Strengthening Feminist Activism Among Young Polish SME Entrepreneurs, in: 'Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship ISBE Conference 2010: Looking to the Future: Economic and Social Regeneration through Entrepreneurial Activity', ISBE, London, UK
  • Shingleton, D & Sutherland, K & Burke, M 2010, The Memorable: Applying the Internet of Things to Small Communities, in: '1st International Congress on Web Studies', International Congress on Web Studies, Toluca, Mexico.
  • Amon, I & Jimenez, C & Burke, M 2010, Methodological Guide to the Selection of Techniques for Correction of Missing Values in the Discovery of New Knowledge, in: 'Ibero-American Seminar for the Exchange and Updating of Knowledge Management Development', IBERGECYT, Havana, Cuba
  • Burke, M 2009, The Development of Sustainable Knowledge Management in European SME's, in: 'Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations', ICKCO, Boston, USA
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  • Burke, M 2008, Towards Organisational Excellence: Exploring Culture, information and Organisations, in: 'International Association for the Development of the Society (Information Systems Conference)', IADIS, Carvoeiro, Portugal
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  • Burke, M 2005, Information Fulfilment in Organisation: Reflections on Structures and Solutions, in: '16th Annual Information Resources Management Association', IRMA, San Diego, USA
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  • Burke, M 2001, Rare Antiques, Fine Furnishings and Vintage Champagne: New Educational Development for 2001, in: 'Changing Technologies in Universities', PTU, Berlin, Germany, pp.113-118
  • Burke, M 2000, Creativity and Innovation in Library and Information Education, in: 'Information Resources of Libraries and Their Personnel Support', IRL, Minsk, Belarus, pp.165-171


  • Burke, M & Morris, G & Tattersall, A 2012, University Leadership in Turbulent Times: An Exploration of Urban and Edgy Institutions, University of Salford / Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, Manchester, UK
  • Brown, P & Burke, M & Morris, G & Webster, P 2011, The Salford Low Energy House: Learning from our Past , University of Salford, Manchester, UK

Journal editorship

  • Knowledge Sharing in Emerging Economies (March 2011)
  • Guest Editor for Library Review. V 60 (1)
  • Professional memberships
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce (since 2014)


  • The Salford House: reporting on the impacts and contemporary implications of a 1970's low-energy house. Energy Efficiency First: the Foundation of a Low Carbon Society (European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Toulon, France, June 2011). Authors: Brown. P., Burke. M., Morris. G., Webster. P. 
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