Conor Jackson, BA (Hons) Film Production 2014-17

26 May 20

 “My time at the University of Winchester helped mature me to the man I am today. With genuine trust and passion, I was encouraged to explore my true voice as a filmmaker in uncovering injustice against animals. My tutors were open minded, engaged and deeply supportive - helping me to above all discover a love for filmmaking rather than just to attend lectures.

Having tutors as collaborators rather than teachers inspired me to be ambitious and excited about my potential. When I shared crazy plans of travelling to another country and uncovering animal abuse on fur farms, I was met with the same spark that I felt myself: and I am forever grateful for that chance to take risks and make a difference rather than to simply gain a degree. That passion and collaboration is why I chose to study film in the first place.”


To see the trailer for one of Conor's documentary films, click on this link. Please note that this video contains images that some viewers may find distressing.

Klatki: The Hidden Farms of Europe (2018) | OFFICIAL TRAILER - YouTube


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