Cluster for Philosophy of Education

Understanding educational theory, philosophy and practice

About us

Formerly a research centre, The Cluster for Philosophy of Education (CPE) is a research and knowledge exchange cluster in the Centre of Research for Educational Action and Theory Exchange (CREATE), established in 2023.

CPE generates, facilitates and promotes research carried out in the disciplines of philosophy and education, and at their various intersections. In nurturing an interdisciplinary approach rooted in educational and philosophical values, CPE draws together the work of researchers interested in a diverse but complementary range of philosophical and educational positions, questions and issues.

Whilst the nexus of CPE's activity resides in its theoretical work, it also encourages the application of philosophical and theoretical ideas to educational practice, and uses both formal and informal means to encourage research across the fields of education and philosophy.

CPE fosters engagement with general audiences through public lectures and debates, and with professional audiences, particularly teachers, teacher trainers and professional corporate and non-corporate educators.

CPE works in collaboration with the South Coast Branch of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain.