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Rae Tooth brings experience in higher education policy in particular around improving access, progression, and success for socially disadvantaged and underrepresented groups. She is an expert in effective evaluation of practice and outcomes, and in bringing together practice, policy, and academic discourse in relation to social justice.

Rae is Chief Executive of Villiers Park Educational Trust, a charity that improves social justice by supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds into higher education. The charity works directly with educational institutions to improve their outreach, and influences Government policy.

Rae's previous career spans two decades in the Civil Service leading work on higher education and equality. As Head of Strategy and Change at the Office for Fair Access she advised successive Cabinet Ministers on developing evidence led policy aimed at improving outcomes for disadvantaged and underrepresented students.

She is a graduate of The University of Wales, Cardiff, and was elected Womens' Officer for NUS Wales. Rae has held a number of board positions supporting charities such as Mind and the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Rae grew up with disadvantage, and manages living with dyslexia. She lives in Bristol where she is a lone parent to two children, one in primary and one in secondary school they share their home with two very silly and adored cats.

Appointed 1 August 2020


  • Risk and Audit Committee
  • Student Experience Committee 


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