Our message to you

As the world around us changes due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, it has never been more important for communities such as ours to come together to support each other.

We deeply value the contribution that our key workers will make over the next few months, many of whom will be graduates from our University in areas such as Health & Social Care, Teaching and Education, Business and Law and across our portfolio of courses.

We invite you to apply to join us this September to be amongst the next generation of those working to support society through this crisis and be the difference.

The lives of our students, staff and future students are immensely important to the economy, our society and our institution.

We will be taking action and playing our part by reaching out across the world to contribute our best efforts in supporting those whose lives are affected by the current situation.

We will be continuing to champion the value of education, health and wellbeing and the role of the arts and spirituality in capturing and expressing the human impact of this period.

We will be understanding the role that the social sciences will play as the world moves past the current situation and a new sense of normality is restored.

We will be providing ways for people to engage with us so they feel secure in their future in Higher Education and prepared for their future careers.

We will be with you, all the way.

University of Winchester.

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