Get a taste of university life by attending a real lecture with us in your chosen subject.

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Taster Lectures

The University of Winchester is opening its doors to 2023 applicants who want a real taste of our university lectures!

Get a head start on your university life by attending a real lecture with us in your chosen subject. With a huge variety of subjects on board, have a look at the rich array of lecture titles and specialisms that we offer with our world-leading research and award-winning teaching. Taster lectures will be running in the spring term of 2023. Bookings will open in January 2023.

If you have any questions, or want more details about dates, session times and content of any of the taster lectures, please send the Open Days team an email on

Taster Lectures - Find your course


Accounting and Finance
Business Objectives and Business Structures - Monday 20 Feb 12pm-1pm
Investment Appraisal – Non-Discounted Methods - Monday 13 March 10am-11am
Investment Appraisal – Discounted Methods - Monday 20 March 10am-11am

Animal Science and Conservation (Distance Learning)
Animal behaviour and physiological causes - Tuesday 21 Feb 08:15pm-10:15pm via MS Teams 
Animal Cognition - Tuesday 21 Feb 08:15pm-10:15pm via MS Teams 

Ancient, Classical and Medieval Studies, Anthropology and Archaeology
Mauryan India - Tuesday 31 January 4pm-6pm
Fossils in context/Origin of primates- Thursday 2 February 1pm-3pm
Using Maps in Archaeology -Friday 24 February 10am-12pm
American cultural anthropology in the early 20th century - Friday 3 March 10am-12pm
Ritual, Religion and Magic - Wednesday 15 March 10am-12pm
Amber and Jet as Magical Materials - Tuesday 21-March 9am-11am
Vikings - Tuesday 21 March 4pm-6pm
Later Homo species in Africa and early migration out of Africa - Thursday 30 March 1pm-3pm

Childhood Studies
Play and Learning Pedagogies - Thursday 9 February 11am-12pm
Play and Learning Pedagogies - Thursday 16 February 11am-12pm
Play and Learning Pedagogies - Thursday 23 February 11am-12pm
Play and Learning Pedagogies - Thursday 2 March 11am-12pm

Classical Studies
Introduction to the Roman World: Rome's Foundation Myths - Monday 30 January 1:45pm- 2:45pm
Introduction to Classical Roman Literature: Roman poets in love - Tuesday 7 February 10am-12:30pm
Introduction to Classical Mythology - Friday 10 March 10:30am-1pm
Introduction to the Roman World: Travel in the Roman World - Monday 13 March 12:30pm-1:30pm
Introduction to the Roman World: Sports and Games in the Roman World - Monday 27 March 1:45pm-2:45pm

Computer Science
Data Structures and Operating Systems - Monday 30 January 9am-10am
Introduction to Cyber Security and Networks - Monday 30 January 2pm-3pm
Introduction to Cyber Security and Networks - Monday 20 February 2pm-3pm

Introduction to Crime Mapping and Problem Oriented Policing - Wednesday 1 February 9am-12pm
Geographical Profiling - Wednesday 1 March 9am-12pm

Criminology & Pathways
The Mediatisation of Crime - Monday 27 February 11am-12pm
Fiction: Is it a story or is there more to it? - Monday 6 March 11am-12pm


Digital Media Design
Design Projects - Monday 6 February 10am-12pm

Economics/Economics & Finance
An Open World Economy - Monday 30 January 12pm-1pm
Fiscal Policy - Monday 6 February 12pm-1pm
Money - Monday 20 February 12pm-1pm
Money, Banking and Central Banks - Monday 27 February 12pm-1pm
Monetary Policy and Money Markets - Monday 6 March 12pm-1pm
Commercial Banking - Monday 13 March 12pm-1pm
Business Cycles and Bubbles - Monday 20 March 12pm-1pm
Stock Exchanges - Monday 27 March 12pm-1pm

Education Studies and all combinations
1944 Education Act: ideology and competing interests - Monday 30 January 1pm-3pm
Child 'development': science or ideological construction? Tuesday 31 January 1pm-3pm
Tripartite system: selection and the reproduction of social class and gender - Monday 6 February 1pm-3pm
Play pedagogies and theories of learning - Tuesday 21 February 1pm-3pm
Autism: medical and social model perspectives - Thursday 23 February 1pm-3pm
Down syndrome: medical and social model perspectives - Thursday 9 March 1pm-3pm
Cross-cultural perspectives on early childhood: anthropological and cultural perspectives - Tuesday 14 March 1pm-3pm
The Education Reform Act - Monday 20 March 1pm-3pm
Dyslexia: medical and social model perspectives - Thursday 23 March 1pm-3pm

English Language
Onomastics: Naming Conventions and What They Can Tell Us - Tuesday 7 February 3:30pm-4:30pm
Onomastics: Nicknames - Tuesday 21 February 3:30pm-4:30pm
Literary Onomastics - Tuesday 28 February 3:30pm-4:30pm
Onomastics: Studying Place-Names- Tuesday 14 March 3:30pm-4:30pm
Onomastics: Place-Names as Signposts to the Past - Tuesday 28 March 3:30pm-4:30pm
Ideology and Semiotics: Nations, States, Authorised Violence - Monday 6 February 10am-11am
Ideology and Semiotics: Education, Media, Representation - Monday 20 February 10am-11am
Ideology and Semiotics: Race, Ethnicity, Diversity - Monday 27 February 10am-11am
Ideology and Semiotics: Music, Art, Culture - Monday 6 March 10am-11am
Ideology and Semiotics: Health, Ability, Responsibility - Monday 27 March 10am-11am
Language Death, Revival and Change - What's Language Death? Why does it happen? Monday 30 January 12pm-2pm
Language Death, Revival and Change - Revitalisation, how does it work? Monday 20 Feb 12pm-2pm
Language Death, Revival and Change - Revitalisation: Case Studies - Monday 27 February 12pm-2pm
Language Death, Revival and Change - Standardisation - Monday 13 March 1pm- 3pm
Language Death, Revival and Change - Language contact - Monday 20 March 12pm-2pm
English on the Periphery - Northern Englishes - Thursday 2 February 4pm- 6pm
English on the Periphery - Scots: History and Development - Thursday 9 February 4pm- 6pm
English on the Periphery - Irish English - Thursday 2 March 4pm- 6pm
English on the Periphery - Polari & LGBTI+ Language - 16 March 4pm- 6pm
English on the Periphery - Black British English - Thursday 23 March 4pm- 6pm
English on the Periphery - Multicultural London English - Thursday 30 March 4pm- 6pm

English Literature
World Literature - Friday 3 February 11am-12pm
World Literature - Friday 10 February 11am-12pm
World Literature - Friday 24 February 11am-12pm

Forensic Pathways
Biological Evidence: Impressions (bitemarks, ear marks and lip prints) - 24 February 09:00 - 10:30.

Film Production
Film Enterprise - Tuesday 31 January 2pm-4pm
Film Enterprise - Tuesday 7 February 2pm-4pm
Film Enterprise - Tuesday 21 February 2pm-4pm


Health and Social Care
History of Public Health - The history of vaccination and anti-vaccination movements - Monday 6 February 3pm-5pm
History of Public Health - Preventing disease - isolation and containment - Monday 20 February 3pm-5pm
Community and Community Development - Is Britain Broken? Tuesday 28 February 2pm-5pm
Community and Community Development - Poverty - Tuesday 14 March 2pm-5pm
Hitsory of Public Health - Public health and genetics: eugenics and reproductive technologies - Monday 20 March 3pm-5pm
Community and Community Development - Conflict - Tuesday 21 March 2pm-5pm

History and all combinations
Politics and Society : From Declaration of Independence to the Constitution - Tuesday January 31 1pm-3pm
Anti-colonial movements and ideologies - Thursday 2 February 4:30pm- 6pm
US Politics and Society : The Executive Branch - Tuesday February 7 1pm-3pm
Supernatural and Witchcraft Beliefs in the British Isles, Continental Europe, & America, c. 1450-1800 - Monday Feb 20 9am-11:30am
Politics and Society : Congress Week 5 - Tuesday February 21 1pm-3pm
Commodities, consumption and cheap labour in history - Thursday 23 February 4:30pm-6pm
Politics and Society : The Supreme Court - Tuesday February 28 1pm-3pm
Politics and Society : Elections From Federal to Local - Tuesday March 7 1pm-3pm
The Hundred Years War 1415-1453 - Tuesday 14 March 10.00am-11.00am
Politics and Society : Party Idelogies - Tuesday March 14 1pm-3pm
Climate and Famine in World History - Thursday 16 March 3pm-4pm

Law combinations (BA and LLB)
Introduction to the Criminal justice system and the police - Monday 6 February 10am-11am
Sentencing and criminal appeals - Monday 20 May 10am-11am


Underpinning communication skills - Monday 30 January 1pm- 4pm
Underpinning communication skills - Thursday 2 February 1pm- 4pm
Underpinning communication skills - Monday 20 February 9am- 12pm
Underpinning communication skills - Tuesday 21 February 9am- 12pm

Nutrition and Dietetics
Why we eat - Monday 30 January 10am-1pm
Prenatal environment and pregnancy - Thursday 9 February 10am-1pm
Fetal nutrition and disease in later life - Thursday 23 February 10am-1pm
Health Literacy- Thursday 9 March 2pm-5pm

Primary Education
Cracking Good Books' - Tuesday 14 March 9am-10am

Professional Policing
Missing Persons - Wednesday 15 March 12pm-3pm
Initial Action at Major Crime Scenes - Friday 3 March 2pm- 5pm

Cognitive Perspectives of Psychopathology - Tuesday 28 February 12pm-2pm
Individual differences 1: Psychoanalytic perspectives part 1 - Mon 27 March 2-4pm

Identity, Equality and Diversity: Identity and Self - Tuesday 31 January 3pm- 6pm
Families and Intimate Relationships: Is the family patriarchal? Monday 30 January 2pm-3pm
Families and Intimate Relationships: Changing roles within the family - Monday 6 February 2pm-3pm
Families and Intimate Relationships: Family Sociological Theories - Monday 20 February 2pm- 3pm

Sport and Exercise Psychology
Choking in Sport - Tuesday 7 February 9am-12pm
Attention and Concentration in Sport - Tuesday 21 February 9am-12pm
Using Performance Profiles in Sport - Tuesday 28 February 9am-12pm

Sport and Exercise Science
Gait and Posture analysis - Monday 30 January 9am-10am
Gait and posture Lab - Monday 30 January 10:30am-12:30am
Collecting Movement data - Monday 30 January 11:30am-1pm
Electromyograhpy - Thursday 2 February 11am-12pm
Electromyograhpy Lab - Thursday 2 February 1pm-3pm

Sport Management
eSport - Monday 30 January 10am-1pm
Sport Geography: Sportscapes - Thursday 2 February 1pm-3pm
eSport - Monday 6 February 10am-1pm
Sport Geography: Sport in the City - Thursday 9 February 1pm-3pm
eSport - Monday 20 February 10am-1pm
Sport Geography: Global Sport Week 5 - Thursday 23 February 1pm-3pm

Strength and Conditioning
Agility theory - Tuesday 31 January 4pm-5pm
Acceleration and deceleration practical - Friday 3 February 1:30pm-3:30pm
Change of Direction Practical - Tuesday 7 February 4:30pm-6pm
Change of Direction Practical - Friday 10 February 1:30pm-3pm
The Stretch Shortening Cycle Theory - Tuesday 21 February 1pm-2:30pm
Vertical Plyometrics - Friday 24 February 1:30pm-3pm
Testing and monitoring practical - Tuesday 28 February 2pm-4pm
Horizontal Plyometrics Practical - Tuesday 28 February 4:30pm-6pm
Horizontal Plyometrics Practical - Friday 3 March 1:30pm-3pm
UKSCA PAS assessment Practice - Tuesday 7 March 4:30pm-6pm
UKSCA PAS assessment Practice - Friday 10 March 1:30pm-3pm
How to Design Training Sessions - Monday 13 March 11am-12:30pm
Excel Skills and creating a session template - Friday 17 March 3:30pm-5pm
Introduction to programming and adaptations - Monday 20 March 1:30pm-3pm
Programming practical- Training goals - Tuesday 21 March 1:30pm-3:30pm
Agility progressions practical - Friday 24 March 1:30pm-3pm



These free events are for applicants and enquirers looking to start at the University in September 2023. Although this event is intended for enquirers and applicants, family members are more than welcome to come along for a self-guided campus tour but will not be able to enter the lectures.

Meet us at Main Reception on King Alfred Quarter to start your day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the University with any questions?

If you have any questions about the events you can get in touch with us by emailing

Can I bring guests with me?

Due to limited spacing, non-applicant guests are not permitted to attend taster lectures. Please do not book them a space as this limits spaces for other applicants. Additional guests are welcome to join you for a self-guided tour or enjoy the university grounds and catering facilities.

How do I get to the University and where can I park?

You can find directions to the University on our Contact Us page. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide visitor parking at the University. The nearest car park is Tower Street Multi Storey which is a 10 minute walk from the University. Alternatively, Winchester is served by a Park and Ride service. Further information on parking can be found on the Winchester City Council Website.