My name is Devi, I am a mature student and I am studying a master’s degree in MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics.

Education is a continuous learning process that lasts till our last breath. I was in the Education field itself, and once I decided I wanted a career break and find a diversified study option, the first place that came to my mind was the United Kingdom. Such a beautiful country with an excellent offering for people coming from various aspects of life, culture, caste, nation, and liking; it has everything to offer that you seek. A short one-year study and post-study work visa was the best option, and of course, my husband could join too; the icing on the cake.

This degree will boost my career once I return to India to a whole new different level. And all these, just by studying for a one-year degree at the University of Winchester, which seems to be a very great thing to me. In this journey, I have met new people and great minds.

When you change a place for a good long period you seek for human association, and that's precise, I want to say about the University. From my first communication with the Head of International Student Recruitment about my overseas study plan, I knew this was the place. He comforted me with my decision to get a degree as a mature student and guided me with suitable study options.

My admissions process was straight and smooth; within a few hours, I got my offer, and I paid my fees and secured visas straight away. The international team made the admission and CAS process seamless. Once I landed here, I spoke to the International Student Advisor and they supported me with various letters required when you land in a new country like bank account opening letter, council letter, term letter.

I started feeling that people at the university care significantly about the student. Their aim is not just to get international students but make sure they pass the program successfully.

The University campus is very much technologically advanced. I am studying at the West Downs Campus and University Business School, and both have fantastic student facilities. The West Downs Centre has a massive library with computer and printing facilities and a Laptop-on-loan facility – this is the best place for me to look for research papers, articles, and books for my study work. Charming Cafes offer delicious pizza, wraps, sandwiches, and many more, to munch between the sessions.

The student Community is strong; we have a student union here and various clubs that support us to grow outside the classroom. The teaching faculty and administrative staff are very supportive. Apart from the regular seminars and workshops, we can get one-on-one guidance for the assignments from the faculties, who are experts in their field. Even to make international students adjust to the new environment, the university offers sessions on "Culture Adjustment and Diversity," which helped us a lot with social etiquette and gave us insights into the British culture, which I believe is essential when you come to UK and study.

As soon as I reach Winchester Railway Station for my classes, I literally feel I am at a different place, and the vibes of a university campus are ultimate. Students at the University of Winchester are very friendly; they have supported me to get a university understanding more and study patterns. Even the university has Peer Mentors who support and guide what it needs to do well in the studies.

During study sessions, we have a lot of guest speakers from people in the industry people to Winchester alumni, which helps give us an understanding of what is out there in the market to prepare us for future job.

Studying at an international university is a considerable investment of money and time. I can’t recommend enough to all international students to put the University of Winchester on their "priority" list because the experience you will gain here will be a lifetime experience.

By Devi our MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics student from India.