My name is Chisato and I am from Japan. I completed a foundation programme in Japan then I entered the University of Winchester to study BA (Hons) Theatre Production. I am so proud of learning here, as Theatre Production has been a dream of mine since I was a child.

I have two main reasons why I chose the University of Winchester. The first is that the Theatre Production programme at Winchester develops your professional skills. I wanted to learn about entertainment, especially theatre and couldn’t find a course which really suited me. However, Theatre Production at the University of Winchester offers me a professional outlook in each module which interested me. I’ve even had the chance to visit the Theatre Royal in Winchester to observe and listen to professionals. I am very satisfied with my choice and my learning.

The second reason is that Winchester is a safe place. When studying in the UK, it is important to choose the right university and course. However, the environment in which you will live is also essential. You will leave your family and start a new life and it’s challenging because the UK has a different culture. In Winchester, you can live very safely and quietly and there are a lot of students around. If you go to the city centre, there are lots of supermarkets including two Asian supermarkets, so you won’t have any trouble shopping.

There are a lot of facilities that are wonderful, useful, and beautiful on campus you will be surprised by them when you start university life! In addition, they have fun events and many kinds of societies so you will make new friends and new networks. I am very satisfied because all the classrooms I use have professional equipment and you use these facilities as part of your learning. There are lots of study spaces, and the library at West Downs is accessible 24 hours a day.

The University of Winchester has a huge range of student support, especially for international students. This is very reassuring and as soon as you arrive in the UK you will feel this support. The university offers a pickup service from Heathrow airport to Winchester, and this starts university life with a sense of security. In addition, international students can use the English Learning Teaching and Support Unit (ELTSU) – so if you feel worried about your English skills, you can finish your assignments perfectly.

At the University of Winchester, there’s not only many types of wonderful support from the teaching teams but also very kind students.

Finally, I would like to share with you one of the experiences that made me happy I chose to come to Winchester. When I went to my first session, I was so nervous because I had arrived four weeks late. I sat a little bit further away from the other students to start with however, one of my classmates said, “come on, sit a bit closer!”. When I heard this, I was so happy and relieved.

At the University of Winchester, there are an enormous number of helpful students and if you come to Winchester I, like everyone else, will be here to support you.

By Chisato our BA (Hons) Theatre Production student from Japan.