Exploring the relationship between a growing sense of English identity and the development of local and national politics in England.

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About us

The Centre for English Identity and Politics has been established to explore the relationship between a growing sense of English identity and the development of local and national politics in England. 

Over recent decades, more and more English residents have described being ‘English’ as the main or an important part of their identity. Over the same period, many writers, artists, musicians and filmmakers have explored the idea of Englishness, and interest in and the study of English history have grown.

The rise in English identity is both shaping and being shaped by politics. Devolution to cities and counties, procedures in the House of Commons, the English debate about the European Union, responses to Welsh and Scottish devolution, and the organisation of political parties in England are all reflecting English concerns. There is currently no settled English identity.

The Centre is developing a cross-disciplinary programme of lectures, seminars, conferences and cultural events. These will increase our understanding of the forces driving English identity and develop ideas for how it can be inclusive and forward-looking.

The Centre for English Identity and Politics is part of the University's Department of Politics and Society.

Meet the Director

Prof. John Denham, Professor of Knowledge Exchange

CEIP Associates

Meet the Winchester academics associated with the Centre for English Identity and Politics:

  • Prof. Jude Davies, Professor of American Literature and Culture
  • Dr Carolin Esser-Miles, Senior Lecturer in English Linguistics and Forensic Studies
  • Dr Neil Ewen, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication
  • Dr Gary Farnell, Senior Lecturer in English
  • Dr Debra Gray, Reader in Psychology
  • Dr Michael Jardine, Head of Department of English, Creative Writing and American Studies
  • Dr Ryan Lavelle, Reader in Early Medieval History / Convenor, Wessex Centre for History and Archaeology
  • Prof. Bill Lucas, Director, Centre for Real-World Learning / Trustee, The English Project
  • Prof. Neil McCaw, Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture
  • Prof. Christopher Mulvey, Emeritus Professor of English/ Trustee, The English Project
  • Thomas Nørgaard, Senior Lecturer in Liberal Arts / Director, Institute for Value Studies
  • Dr Craig Prescott, Lecturer in Law​ / Director, Centre for Parliament and Public Law
  • Dr William Sheward, Senior Lecturer in Politics and Global S​tudies

Transcripts of talks given at CEIP events since 2015