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In June 2016, the University of Winchester was awarded the prestigious European Commission HR Excellence in Research Award and has successfully retained the award following a rigorous external review in 2023. The award was established by the European Commission in 2005 and is managed by Vitae. It highlights institutions that are committed to aligning process and practice to the UK Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

This achievement reflects the University of Winchester’s ongoing commitment to developing researchers and the research environment. Research is at the heart of the University’s mission to educate, to advance knowledge and to serve the common good. As such, the development of our researchers – staff and students – is a priority. We are constantly enhancing the support systems, processes and activities that encourage our researchers. We provide them with the opportunities to realise their potential and deliver high-quality outcomes for their careers at the University of Winchester and beyond. 

Our new HR Excellence in Research Action Plan (see below) is driven by the ambition to create an inclusive and resilient research and innovation culture. The University will be supporting researchers and research students `from the ground up,’ enabling the forging of sustainable partnerships, and celebrating achievements and successes.  It will provide central support for supporting research careers through appropriate management, guidance, and development opportunities, including the creation of a comprehensive researcher development framework, leadership training at all career stages, for all researchers to receive individual research development reviews, and careers guidance for academic careers and beyond. 

Organisations that hold the HR Excellence in Research Award are required to undergo external peer review to assess their progress in achieving the actions and targeted impacts set out in their action plan once every three years (‘triennial’). Progress against the action plan is updated quarterly by the Research Concordat Action Group.

For further information on the HR Excellence in Research award or on the University’s Research Concordat action plan, please contact  Alexandra Pekalski.

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