Working to meet the professional requirements of 21st-century policing.

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About us

The Institute of Policing is working in collaboration with policing and criminal justice partners to meet the professional requirements of 21st-century policing and to develop high-quality, evidence-based education within the police service. The IoP is designed to facilitate undergraduate studies for police officers enrolled in the Pre-Join Degree in Professional Policing; for students contemplating a career in policing or anyone wishing to study policing, criminology or forensic science at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Recognition of Prior Learning & Experience (RPL)

If you are making enquiries about courses through the Recognition of Prior Learning & Experience (RPL) Directory, the following undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses will be available to you:

Find out more about RPL.

Other activities

The Institute of Policing will also coordinate the following functions:

  • Ongoing collaboration with regional forces around PEQF requirements, delivery of training, sharing of resources around curriculum needs and collaboration with regional PCCs.
  • Provision of conferences, training workshops, seminars and symposia around regional needs, developments and initiatives, to strengthen collaboration between police forces and Higher Education.
  • Institute of Policing Research & Innovation Library for all EBP dissertation projects produced by students on undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
  • Development of a Special Constabulary recruitment option for students on the Pre-Join degree in Professional Policing (in order to enhance their operational competencies during their studies, before commencing full-time employment with a police force).

The IoP is a founding member of the University-led collaborative and interdisciplinary Criminal Justice Research Network.