Tavern Talk - Professor Tim Prentki - Born to Play: Acting on the World Stage

Thursday 24 January

5:30pm for a 6pm start

St James' Tavern, 3 Romsey Road, Winchester, SO22 5BE

Professor Tim Prentki - Born to Play: Acting on the World Stage

Recent developments in the neuroscience of the human brain clearly show that our species is inherently dramatic. The discovery of motor neurons and mirror neurons means that we can calibrate our activities in terms of actors, characters and audiences. In other words we process reality for ourselves and in our interactions with others in the same way in which theatre operates. We only exist as performers and audiences. When our opportunities to develop these capacities are thwarted by experiences that interrupt our growth (violence, loss, drugs, abuse, etc.), we become diminished as performers and undergo a deficit of empathy. In consequence we resort to comfort zones of tribal identities at odds with our cerebral wiring which is constantly recreating personality from minute to minute. The false notion of a fixed identity promotes violence and attacks empathy. Given the central importance of dramatizing our relations with the world, we can extend this to conceive the school curriculum dramatically; the acquisition of understanding through theatrical processes.

Tavern Talks are a series of informal talks on intriguing topics from the University of Winchester's Faculty of Arts.

Tavern Talks are open to all who wish to participate. They feature short talks followed by opportunities for discussion. There is no charge for entry, just turn up, though numbers are limited by the size of the venue. For further information please contact inga.bryden@winchester.ac.uk


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