Joint seminar presented by Dr Lucy Wallis and Becky Petley BN from the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

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Wednesday 19 January 2022, 1-2pm
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Health & Wellbeing Research Seminar Series Twelve Spring/Summer 2022

This twelfth Research Seminar Series is brought to you by the Faculty of Health & Wellbeing at the University of Winchester. Participating researchers can explore critical challenges in research and knowledge exchange, share expertise and forge connections that will support the development of future projects across a wide range of themes.


'Motivations for career choice for podiatry students in England: Findings from a national questionnaire'
presented by Dr Lucy Wallis, Researcher in the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

This presentation highlights current research among students in England exploring motivations, sources of influence and barriers to choosing a podiatry career. The study forms part of a Health Education England (HEE) and University of Winchester national project exploring career choice among all allied health professional students. In 2020, HEE predicted that the supply of podiatrists in England will be insufficient to meet foot health needs in the next ten years. This presentation will share the findings from a national questionnaire including identifying why students are choosing podiatry, how they are discovering the profession and the key barriers stopping potential podiatry students. The study seeks to meet a key imperative to increase recruitment to the podiatry profession.


'Designing an intervention to improve the wellbeing of student nurses'
presented by Becky Petley BN, PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

Student nurses report experiencing poor wellbeing, which has implications for the students as individuals and for course attrition. Therefore, my PhD aims to design an intervention to support student nurses with their wellbeing. This presentation will briefly outline the findings from a systematic review on interventions to reduce student nurse stress before presenting the findings from a case study of a university in the South of England. The implications for an intervention will then be discussed.


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