Book Launch: Children in Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

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Wednesday 1 December, 12pm
West Downs Auditorium, West Downs Centre, Romsey Road, SO22 5HT

Anyone with an interest in SDGs, responsible management, sustainable tourism and the role children can play in these, is welcome to attend this free event, which will include seminars by a number of speakers.

In his new book Children in Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, Dr Hugues Seraphin argues that the empowerment of children, an often overlooked group in responsible management research, should be a core component of any responsible tourism initiatives and a requirement in helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The event is a collaboration between the Centre for Responsible Management, the Centre for Information Rights and the Centre for Climate Change Action and Education.

Please register your interest by 26 November by emailing centre Co-Convener Dr Manuela Pilato.

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