FAQs for teachers and advisers during Clearing.

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What do Student’s need to prepare for Results Day?

Students will need to be prepared with the following items:

  • UCAS Personal ID
  • their qualifications (if enquiring after results day)
  • a pen and paper handy
  • read though and visual copy of their personal statement
  • the course or courses they want to study

We also recommend that students are ready with:

  • a few notes about the courses to show some research
  • notes or questions in case of an informal interview
  • Think about having data on their phone / access to signal

Who can apply?

Students who missed or exceeded their predicted grades, or have changed their plans, can use Clearing to find a university place.

Applicants are eligible for Clearing if they:

  • are registered with UCAS (new applicants will need to apply through UCAS)
  • are not holding any offers
  • have all their examination results.

Applicants are automatically entered into Clearing if they apply after 30 June 2022.

If an applicant has been accepted at another university, they are able to self-release into clearing, they can contact our Clearing team to discuss their options. If a student applied for a course with us and were unsuccessful, but now meet the entry requirements for their chosen course, we would suggest they contact us to discuss their application.

Contacting Us

Students can contact us in two main ways, by calling us on 01962 827234 or using the ASK button on any webpage where we can discuss their options through live chat.

If you have questions or information about an applicant’s application, please contact Admissions on: admissions@winchester.ac.uk

Can students find university accommodation during clearing?

We allocate on a first applied, first allocated basis so it is recommended that students get their application in early. All accommodation is University owned, managed or approved, either on or off campus. We also have brand new self-contained studio flats near the University.

Students can view all of our accommodation on our What’s on offer page.

As soon as students have received confirmation from UCAS of their place to study at Winchester they can apply for their university accommodation by submitting a housing application online.

To complete their online housing application, they will need their Student ID Number (Winchester Reference Number). Students will need to call us on +44 (0)1962 827234 and we can provide this over the phone immediately.

How long do students have to respond to an offer?

If students have contacted us and we have been able to make them a verbal or online offer, this will be backed up with an email to the address they have provided us with to confirm. Students are then able to visit UCAS to add their course option, our admissions team will then be able to confirm their place via UCAS.

Students can collect offers from a range of universities and each of these may have a different time limit by when students need to have added their choice to UCAS Track. It is important that students check emails from universities as they will each have specific information.

Deferring or deferred applications

Students should contact the admissions team by email if they are holding an offer and now wish to defer their place to 2023. Emails should be sent to admissions@winchester.ac.uk including the students UCAS ID number, full name and course for which they are holding a place.

We can’t accept deferred applicants through Clearing please encourage students to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss their options.