Winchester WatchFest: an April TV challenge

1 Apr 2020

We don’t know how long we’re going to be locked down at home, but we do know it can be lonely, frustrating and boring. So we thought it might be a nice idea to offer some suggestions on some classic TV shows that we can watch each day of this month and share our thoughts about.

We asked the Dean of our Faculty of Arts, Professor Alec Charles, to come up with a list of programmes. They’re all available for free on the BBC or Channel 4 websites (and many are also available on Prime or Netflix). The challenge is that you watch each daily recommendation and let us know on Twitter what you think at #WinchesterWatchFest.

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Wednesday 1 April

Because it’s a day for fools – and because we’re all relying on our technology so much these days – what better way to start than The IT Crowd

Thursday 2 April

If you’ve never tried Paul Abbott’s No Offence, you really should!

Friday 3 April

Of course, it’s time for Friday Night Dinner

Saturday 4 April

If you’ve never sampled the brilliant Line of Duty, this weekend is a great time to start

Sunday 5 April

We’re sure you’re loving the time at home with your family, and hope you’re not feeling too Outnumbered

Monday 6 April

Missing life on campus? Fresh Meat should sort you out (or at least remind you why it’s nice to be home for a bit)

Tuesday 7 April

Celebrating the wonderful work of all in the health services across the world, it’s the very first episode of that classic American hospital drama (featuring a very young George Clooney) ER

Wednesday 8 April

Missing the library? No worries – there’s one bookshop that’s always open – Black Books

Thursday 9 April

You loved Blue Planet 2? Try the original Blue Planet

Friday 10 April

Caitlin Moran’s Raised by Wolves. Simply because it’s wonderful

Saturday 11 April

It’s Saturday. Fifteen years on from the show’s hugely successful reboot, it’s time for Doctor Who

Sunday 12 April

A classic Sunday night mystery with Jonathan Creek

Monday 13 April

Something spooky for the 13th of the month – it’s What We Do in the Shadows

Tuesday 14 April

Because it’s important to remember that politicians are only people too (and with warnings for adult language; yes, that’s that nice Doctor Who man who’s being all sweary), it seems a good time to return to Armando Iannucci’s masterpiece The Thick of It

Wednesday 15 April

Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio pulls no punches in Bodies, his portrait of our dear friends in the NHS

Thursday 16 April

This is Clem Fandango. Can you hear me? Prepare to be wowed by Toast of London

Good Friday 17 April

It isn’t always easy but it’s Life

Saturday 18 April

Missing Patrick Stewart now that Picard has finished? Miss him no more, Extras

Easter Day 19 April

Mary Beard presents wonderful documentary about religious art in the BBC’s spectacular Civilisations

Easter Monday 20 April

Something suitably spiritual for the Easter Bank Holiday – it’s Father Ted

Tuesday 21 April

Stand-up grows up and grows meta with Stuart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle

Wednesday 22 April

Never really got on with Seinfeld? Now, at last, could be the time

Thursday 23 April

You’ve never seen Sherlock? Of course you have! Well, it’s worth watching again

Friday 24 April

We’re so reliant on broadcasters these days that it’s a relief to see the BBC is in safe hands down at W1A

Saturday 25 April

Remember Russell T Davies’s controversial and ground-breaking drama Queer as Folk? It’s still just as vibrant and just as controversial

Sunday 26 April

If things are starting to feel a bit surreal, thank goodness you’re not living in Royston Vasey with The League of Gentlemen

Monday 27 April

Exhausted by the current state of British politics? Be careful what you wish for, The Cameron Years 

Tuesday 28 April

Missing school? Don’t, The Inbetweeners

Wednesday 29 April

If you’re not a fan of Luther, you should be. Just because…

Thursday 30 April

Just because it’s probably the most important TV show of the last decade (and with a warning on very grown-up content), it’s got to be Fleabag

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