The Return of Socrates

11 Apr 2022

Liberal Arts at Winchester has started a new project on ‘The Return of Socrates’. It is based on a new book by one of our tutors, Nigel Tubbs, called Socrates on Trial.

Socrates in the city

The book, written as a dialogue, offered a vision of what Socrates might ask if he were to return today and experience the modern city (society). It includes new dialogues, a new trial, a new cave, a new republic … and a new verdict on whether Socrates should live or die.


The Project

The wider project offers different resources that are related to this return. They include some reflections from the author about the book Socrates On Trial, a snapshot of the book in a short dialogue called The Return of Socrates, some accompanying comments and dialogues, manifestos for the Socratic vocation and blogs on current issues.

For those seeking a more comprehensive challenge, there is a lecture series exploring the way inequality and prejudice are ingrained in the history of Western philosophical thinking, and even in the idea of ‘logic’ that accompanies it.

Above all, the book and the project share the view that the examined life which Socrates initiated is in need of retrieval and renewal in today’s prejudiced and environmentally damaged world.

Socrates on Trial 1

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