Rising Stars: The Britons

5 Apr 2018
The Britions - Rosie and Rory

Rory and Rosie, Rosie and Rory. An unstoppable duo if I ever met one. From the offset their chemistry was obvious, they bounce off one another effortlessly, sharing glances and smiles, that signify something beyond anyone else’s understanding.

What was immediately obvious about The Britons is that their passion for the arts is unquestionable. Alongside their musical offerings as The Britons, they also run a theatre and arts company. With one doing a master’s degree, and the other in a full time role at the Student Union, this is no mean feat and leaves me wondering how they have time to do things such as sleep and eat.

The Britons were first formed in the University of Winchester’s busking society when both Rosie and Rory were full time undergraduate students. From here their love and musical harmonies blossomed into what we now know as the Britons. When they first began collaborating they did predominantly covers, but as Rosie’s confidence in her writing grew they started to come up with a beautiful folky sound of their own.

When asked, they both have different favourite songs though. Rosie’s favourite is ‘Concentrate’ simply because it is the first song they wrote collaboratively and when she listens to it it gives her ‘the feels’ (not a scientific term but one I am sure we can all relate to). Rory on the other hand, favours ‘Made to Measure’ as it is one of his original pieces that they then adapted to be performed as a duo. It is one of the songs they perform the most at gigs and holds a special place in both of their hearts.

Two students in front of a mirror, one holding a camera to their face taking a picture

So what does the future hold for this intrepid couple? Well, it appears they aren’t too sure themselves. They are passionate about music but they also have lots of other avenues which they would like to explore before settling on an end goal. Whilst they may not be performing live currently, they are setting aside time in the summer to get back into it again. They are in no rush to become massive stars; they’ll simply be happy with continuing to make beautiful music when they can.

I have no doubt that with the work ethic that Rory and Rosie have together, there will be many more brilliant things to come from them.

‘We want to be successful in our field, of course we do, but we also don’t mind taking our time with it. There is nothing worse than jumping in with both feet and then drowning.’

Check out SoundCloud to listen to 'Made To Measure - by The Britons'

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