Maintaining long distance friendships at uni

8 Aug 2017

University is a momentous change, especially if you move far away from home. People change and meet new people, get new hobbies and start looking towards their future – but that doesn’t mean people have to be left behind! Here are a few ways to help you maintain friendships from home…


Woman holding iPhone

Being able to see who you are talking to can really make a big difference. It can make you feel like you’re right there with your loved ones, and you’ll be able to hear what really makes your friends laugh. Better still, you’ll be able to do this all from the comfort of your pyjamas.

Visit each other

Train station

If you live far away from home and visits are expensive, meet in the middle for a day trip.  You can always save up for birthdays, special occasions and spontaneous visits. Having friends come down to stay is always a fun occasion and you’ll be able to show them all around your favourite hang-outs in Winchester!

Facebook and Twitter etc…

Iphone with apps

Use it to stay up to date, to say Happy Birthday, or to send a message about a life event. This works especially well for friends you’re less close with and shows you still care about all the important bits.

Send gifts

wrapped present

e.g SendNod letter in a jar, little items that reminded you of them, sweets and other small gifts. It doesn’t have to be a constant thing, but occasionally if they’re feeling down or if you stumble across a perfect small gift.

Make new memories

Jumping in the sunset

Don’t just focus on the old – make really exciting plans, book a holiday, do something that you’ve always planned to do, but never got round to!

What are some ways you maintain your long distance friendships whilst at uni?

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