How to travel the world while studying

25 Sep 2017
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Settling down to study for three years, sometimes even longer, is a big decision. But being at university doesn’t mean your time there will be limited to the campus you study on. There are so many opportunities to make your time as a student a worldwide adventure. So if you’re someone who struggles to stay put in one place or who hears the world calling them, university is the perfect time to complete your travelling checklist.

Study Abroad

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Immerse yourself in new and different cultures with a year or semester abroad.

With programmes such as Erasmus allowing you to study in European countries, partnerships with institutes in Asia, and American Exchanges giving you the chance to study at colleges in the USA, you’ll be travelling the world in no time.

Joining a university in a different country will give you the chance to get to know your new city like a local, learn or develop your language skills, and meet people you’d never have the chance to meet otherwise. Most study abroad opportunities will contribute credits towards your degree, so it’s a great way to travel as a student. I like to think of it as ultimate multi-tasking.

Travel during your summer break

Traveling in the mountains

Deadlines are over, the exams are done and the summer break is coming up. With almost four months off between academic years, this is the perfect time to spend seeking new adventures. There are many travel companies who help students get to see the world and here are two of my favourites:

Geckos Adventures runs a wide variety of trips, to all corners of the earth. They are exclusively for 18-29 year olds so you'll be travelling with other young people and students. They are a very ethically-minded company who only employ local guides, promoting responsible tourism and helping the communities in the countries they work with. Just one look at their website and you'll be longing to just get up and go!

STA Travel makes world travel affordable, especially for students. They run tours to every continent - and for every budget. So take your pick; whether it’s a polar expedition in Antarctica, exploring the Rockies in Canada or taking to the beaches to party in Thailand – the world is waiting for you.

Make the most of the societies at university

Man skiing

Some societies at university offer the chance to travel; particularly Ski and Snowboard societies.

Take to the mountains during your Christmas break to shred the snow and take in the sights.

Don’t panic if you’ve never set a foot on a ski slope, your society will give you some tips before you leave, and you’ll take lessons while you’re out there too. By the end of your trip you’ll be completely addicted to these winter sports.

With most universities working in collaboration with companies for student skiers, these trips are not as expensive as you might think. 

Work Abroad

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If you’re hoping to take a summer job during your studies, why not combine this with your appetite for travel?

Camp America offers young people the chance to work for summer camps across the USA in a variety of different roles. This is a great chance to come together with people from across the world, and gain some truly unique skills for your graduate CV.

Where have you travelled whilst studying?

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