How to be a Savvy Student

2 Feb 2018
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Do you dream of new clothes and expensive food whilst you count your pennies just to buy a cup of tea? Follow our guide to become a savvy student and you’ll be sipping a posh drink, poolside in Cannes in no time (well maybe not but don’t stop dreaming).

The Savvy Scale

£ Quite savvy

££ Really savvy

£££ Super savvy

In your home

Save every crumb


Tempting as it is to run around Tesco like you’re in an episode of Supermarket Sweep, planning your food shop can save you loads of money. Before you go shopping, make a meal plan for the week so you avoid overspending on ingredients you don’t need. 

Claim back your TV license


Off on your summer break? Don’t forget if you have a full three months left on your TV licence, you can claim these months back and get a refund.

Save every crumb


If you’re in one of those flats where you and your housemates have morphed into a little family, then sharing the cooking is a great way to save both time and money. Arrange a rota and cook for everyone just once a week. Yes, you’ve got to buy enough ingredients for everyone but it’s way cheaper than buying yourself food for seven different meals.

Playlists for less


As a student you can get 50% off of a Spotify membership, so you can listen to all those BOP anthems ad-free.

Share accounts


You can have multiple users for Netflix and Spotify when you subscribe to a family membership. That means five of you could listen to Spotify Premium for as little as £3 a month per person!


In town

Get a railcard


This will save you hundreds of pounds when you’re buying train tickets. With a 16-25 railcard, you’ll get a third off of your train ticket. Making a day trip from Winchester to London Waterloo, £23.95 instead of £36.30!*.

NUS Extra


With discounts and vouchers for pretty much everything, by the time your NUS card expires this membership will have paid for itself. So everyone knows you’re the savviest of students ask every time you pay for something if there’s student discount - sometimes it isn’t advertised and you never know unless you ask!

Free coffee


Literally music to every student’s ears. If you order a filter coffee at Starbucks, they’ll refill your cup for free. You just have to give your empty mug back to the barista and they’ll fill it back up for you.

Ditch the cinema


Winchester Student Union show films fresh out of the cinema for free all through the semester. Follow UOW Film Society to keep up to date with all their upcoming screenings @UoWFilmSociety



Love the cinema too much to stop going? Compare the Market have 2-4-1 cinema tickets every Tuesday and Wednesday. You have to have bought insurance through the site, but buy some for a couple pounds (like a day’s travel insurance) and you’ll have 2-4-1 tickets all year.

Get paid to have a pint


Yep, you read that right. If you’re aged between 18-19 (sorry third years and mature students) you can sign up with Serve Legal as a mystery shopper. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be asked to go to pubs and clubs to check they ID you before serving. You get paid for each visit and you’ll be reimbursed for the drinky ou buy! #winning

Congrats, you're now a fully qualified Savvy Student!

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*price correct at time of publication: February 2018

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