Four apps to help beat procrastination

10 Apr 2018
Man holding iPhone

Do you procrastinate a lot while writing your assignments or revising for exams? Then this blog is for you! Stay organised, become more focused and beat procrastination with these five apps perfect for the exam season.

1. Forest

Screenshot of an app with a trees and time bar chart


Available on Apple and Android

Forest encourages you to leave your phone alone by planting trees. The longer you go without leaving the app, the larger your garden grows. It’s addictive!

The best thing about this app? If you stay focused long enough real trees are planted around the world!

2. Focus: Productivity Timer

Screenshot of an app with a countdown timer


Available on iPhone and Android

If you need to concentrate but are finding it hard to not get distracted, this is another app for you! Focus will help you stay on track during your revision session and make sure you have time for a well-needed break, counting down for 25 minutes of work time, then counting down a further five-minute of break time before nudging you to continue with your revision or coursework. 

3. MindlyScreenshot of an app with circular bubbles


Available on iPhone, Android and web

Organising what you have to do and de-cluttering your brain of coursework deadlines and endless to-do lists is so hard. If you're anything like me, it usually ends by watching streams of cute animal videos... and before you know it, your 30 minutes in and haven't made sense of anything at all!

Mindly will help you organise your thoughts visually, and in a far more creative way than any boring checklist. Adding colours and emojis to these little bubbles just makes mind mapping all the more fun!

4. Microsoft To-Do

Screenshot of an app with a to-do list on the screen


Available on iPhone, Android and web

Well, technically this app might encourage you to procrastinate - but in an effective way, which helps you lay out exactly what needs to be done!

Microsoft To-Do does exactly what it says on the tin. This simple to-do list will make it very easy for you to plan what you need to do in all areas of your life, especially with exam revision and coursework planning. Colour code your way to productivity!

What apps do you use to help beat procrastination? Let us know in the comments below!

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