Five essential apps for student life

30 Jan 2017
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Do you struggle to budget? Do you procrastinate a lot while writing your assignments? Then this blog is for you! Save money, stay organised, and become more focused with these five apps perfect for life at uni.

1. Yoyo Wallet

Screenshot of yoyo wallet app

Available on Apple and Android

Not having the change for a cup of coffee on campus isn’t a problem anymore with Yoyo. Link your card up to this app for quick, easy payments with no minimum spend at all cafes on Winchester campus.

Keep your eyes peeled for Yoyo’s business card around Winchester which has a code for a free hot drink when you sign up.

2. Life Cycle

Screenshot of lifecycle app

Available on Apple

Life Cycle tracks your day for you, running in the background of your phone day and night.

As well as it being super interesting, it’s a great way to find out how you spend your time and to work out what you do too much or not enough of (like sleeping!).

3. Forest

Screenshot of forest app

Available on Apple and Android

Struggling to stay focused while studying? Forest encourages you leave your phone alone by planting trees. The longer you go without leaving the app, the larger your garden grows. It’s addictive!

The best thing about this app? If you stay focused long enough real trees are planted around the world.

4. Student Beans

screenshot of student beans app

Available on Apple and Android

Keep on top of all the student discounts around with Student Beans. With discounts for just about everything, you could save hundreds with this app.

5. Countdown

Screenshot of countdown app

Available on Apple and Android

Got a lot going on this semester? Keep on top of deadlines and all the things you’re looking forward to with the Countdown App. This is a great app to keep you organised and motivated while you’re studying.

What apps do find essential for student life?

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