Alumni profile - George, BEd (Hons) Primary Education

26 Feb 2021

I am George, a graduate from the Primary Education course. I currently work as a freelance photographer.

When I came to the University of Winchester my aim was to go in to teaching as a full time career. During my time at the university my goals changed and led me along a different path, however the Primary Education course still helped to prepare me for my future career. My time at Winchester allowed me to gain a strong level of independence, to build my confidence and leadership skills. My experiences through societies have also been invaluable in building key accounting and budgeting skills that now help me to run my business in an effective manner.

When choosing your university, give yourself plenty of time to explore all aspects of the university. Speak to lecturers on your prospective course, find out about the social aspects of the university and the opportunities that the university can provide to help you find new passions or to further the development of your existing passions, explore the local area when you have the opportunity to do so and find out what experiences are available to you in the local area. All of these experiences will combine together to give you the most wholesome university experience possible.



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