Alumni Profile - Bee, BSc (Hons) Geography and PGCE Primary

26 Feb 2021

About Me

I came to Winchester from Guernsey in 2016 to study a BSc in Geography. Everyone was friendly and welcoming and the course offered me lots of opportunities to study locally and abroad! I studied for my dissertation in Tanzania, volunteering for the Tumaini Fund. I then stayed at Winchester to do my PGCE in Primary Education in 2019 and I am now a primary teacher nearby!

How Winchester prepared me for teaching

Winchester is rather well known for its Primary Education training and so it should be! Each of the lecturers have an expertise in different areas across the whole curriculum and most have been teachers in primary themselves and therefore understand everyday life in the classroom. They are thus able to share their real-life experiences to give you top-tips on planning, assessments and working with such a range of individual needs. The subject lectures were key for my NQT year and I have often referred to them when planning units.

Aside from the lectures, a lot of the training year is spent on placement, typically in two different schools and across key stages to get a range of experience. Here you are assigned a university mentor and a class teacher mentor to support you and I think Winchester should stand out for the ways in which they support their students!

How Winchester prepared me for life

The staff at Winchester only want what’s best for you and will support you in whichever way they can to get you to where you want to be.

I was told by a good friend before I went to university that uni is where you grow - I didn’t realise until I graduated just how true this was - the Geography I learnt was a bonus! I was never able to imagine my life outside of Guernsey… until I went to Winchester.

My advice

Just go for it and take on board any opportunity you can - How else would you end up carrying out fieldwork in Las Vegas?


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