A Fresher’s Guide to the Student Union

5 Sep 2018
Tali Atvars, Student union presedent

Tali Atvars, Winchester Student Union President (2017-19), talks all things SU…

Your university experience is about to begin and you’ll be feeling an incredible mix of emotions. You may be feeling excited, scared, liberated or even empowered as well as many other feelings, but remember these feelings are totally normal and okay. Everyone who has started there university journey and is starting theirs at the same time as you are feeling the same.

My own journey to Winchester began 5 years ago and I remember feeling exactly the same. Excited about the new experiences and potential activities I could get involved in, scared about the number of new people I was about to meet and liberated and empowered to begin my independent life and studies. As your Student Union President I promise you everyone here is here to support you and make sure you settle in just right.

You may be only just beginning your life at university but you already have so much to be proud of. Whatever route you’ve taken to get to university, you’ve made it, you’re here! The journey you’ve been on is something to be proud of and we are all incredibly excited to having your join our university community this September.

Get involved

Arrivals weekend, Welcome Week and Freshers Fortnight is full of opportunities for you to get involved. Freshers Fayre will be your first chance to see the huge range of sports & societies to join. A full list of sports teams and societies is already available for you to view on our website. My advice to you is to join them and get involved. For many joining a team or society is a fundamental part of their student experience. Their team becomes their family, supporting them from all the ups and downs university life can bring.

As well as sports teams and societies we also have a huge range of opportunities to get involved in with the Student Union. Why not become a Student Academic Representative and represent the voice of your course mates? Or why not become a Student Fellow and work with a university staff member to work on a research project aimed at improving your university experience and that of others? The possibilities and opportunities really are endless.

Be yourself

When you start you may be desperate to ‘reinvent’ yourself or set that great first impression. Don’t. Don’t think too much into what people are going to think of you or how you want to be at University. Just remember to be yourself. University is full of incredible diverse and different people and you will add to the university community in your own special and unique way. Just be the best you possible.

We’re here to support you

Your Student Union is here to support and represent you every single step of your university life. We have a dedicated team of 10 executive officers aimed at ensuring you have the best possible experience. As a Student Union we want to make sure we do everything we can for you. If there is ever anything you need get in contact you can email us, visit our website or visit us in person on Level 3 of the King Alfred Centre.

When you start in September you will see our incredible Freshers Crew team in orange who are there to support you and assist you with any questions you may have.  Your Executive Officers will be in navy and visible throughout the year ready to support and represent you anyway you see fit.

For now don’t forget to look at the events section of our website where you can see a full list of our Freshers Week events.

Tali Atvars,
Winchester Student Union President, 2017/19

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