5 Sustainable Items from The Pantry you should buy

28 Jul 2022

Welcome to The Pantry, our eco-friendly shop on the West Downs Quarter.

Pick up all your essential items as well as delicious cakes and pastries (also essential), whilst doing your bit for the environment. Stocked up with all your everyday items, all you have to do is bring along some containers (or use one provided in store) and fill up on what you need.  

As Plastic-Free July comes to a close, we thought we'd show you five must-have sustainable items to add to your weekly shop:


Shockingly a third of all food waste goes to waste, so it's never been more important to get the right amount of food for you. 

There are various products in The Pantry which are free flow. Simply dispense the amount you want into a container and weigh it to get the cost. From oats to pasta, and rice to beans, you can buy your essentials packaging free!


Transporting food within, to, and around the UK produces 19 million tonnes of CO2 every year, which is equivalent to around 5.5 million typical cars. At The Pantry the priority is on good quality, local products.

We like our eggs free range and from a farm less than two miles away. Plus, you buy our eggs in returnable and reusable trays to cut down on waste and keep your eggs crack-free.


Our reliance on plastic is a prominent issue, with only 9% of all plastics ever having been recycled. By using re-usable containers or bags, it helps to keep our reliance on plastic down.

If you're in need of a sugar rush before heading to a lecture or hitting the books, take a look at our selection of sweets. Fill up a paper bag/other receptacle with all your favourites and enjoy! We also have a yummy selection of baked cakes and pastries, but you need to get them early before they're all gone. 


From body wash to toilet cleaner, sanitary products, to laundry liquid, we have bulk products ready to refill your containers. You can feel good knowing that you haven't wasted any plastic in buying your top toiletries. We also have eco-friendly loo roll, plastic-free toothbrushes and much more!


Fill up a glass bottle with our range of milk.

The average UK household throws away 66 pieces of single use plastic every week, which adds up to 3,500 a year. Our glass bottles can be washed and re-used to get your milk. Additionally, if you return our soft drink glass bottles with the receipt, we'll give you some money back. 

As well as regular milk we also stock oat milk, dispensed into a local farmer's branded glass bottles. Not only does this product support our local community, but it's organic (better for the planet) and plastic free. Also, why not buy our coffee beans (which we'll grind in store for you) and make your favourite drink at home?

When you're next at West Downs, pop into The Pantry and take a look around.



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