We believe that human spiritual flourishing, religious intelligence and deep practical wisdom are sorely needed right now. So we invite you to get involved and help transform the world.

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Your Spiritual Journey

Here at the University of Winchester we take very seriously the challenge to encourage everyone to explore the spiritual dimension of their lives. Coming to university is the last ‘great rite of passage’ and we really hope that your time at Winchester should be an adventure, a fantastic challenge you will want to rise to and relish, and a real opportunity to discover both who you are, what you are called to do, and the difference you hope to make to humanity and to the whole of creation. We believe that human spiritual flourishing, religious intelligence and deep practical wisdom are sorely needed right now. So we invite you to get involved and help transform the world.

Student Contemplative Community

Who we are

The Contemplative Community was set up in 2018. We are a group of students from all faiths and none: currently Atheist, Pagan, Buddhist, Christian, ‘spiritual seeker,’ Humanist – but we are open to everyone!

We have five staff mentors (currently Atheist/Humanist, Muslim, Christian, Pagan and Buddhist) who offer their experience and help ensure no one group dominates.

What we do

We meet twice a week for contemplation (Monday for breakfast and shared silence; Fridays for silence and shared lunch) and in regularly for listening to experienced practitioners and discussion. We have committed to volunteering with a local charity working with the homeless. Twice a year we go on retreat. We each continue with our own religious practice, if we have one.

Our vision

We are learning from each other and sharing our experience of silence, meditation or contemplation. We strive to make a difference in a world where religious intolerance seems to be growing. We hope one day to form a residential community. Come and join us.

Winchester Institute for Contemplative Education and Practice

Who we are

This innovative project, unique in the UK, is a network of more than 20 academic and professional staff from across the University who are keen to develop alternative forms of teaching and learning, a robust research base and practical tools for both personal and professional practice. The Institute is headed up by Terry Biddington and Jo Trelfa and membership is open to all. 

What we do

The aim of the Institute’s work will be to create a robust, inclusive and sustainable Community of Practice that includes academic and professional staff and the membership and work of the student Contemplative Community.

The Institute will be an independent extra-department unit, within the Senior Management Group, that exists to enable students and staff from the University’s different academic faculties and professional services to work together to develop the presence and effectiveness of contemplative disciplines, pedagogies and studies in the life of the University community and thereby to support the mission of the University.

The Institute will promote the development of contemplative approaches to teaching and learning; alternative and embodied ways of knowing; the integration of contemplative practices within both academic learning/teaching and personal spiritual development/awareness; and the development a robust research and publication agenda.

Membership of the Institute

Membership is open to anyone within the University. Current members come from psychology, archeology, business, education, performing arts, student wellbeing, chaplaincy, arts, academic quality and development, theology, and health and wellbeing. For more details contact terry.biddington@winchester.ac.uk or jo.trelfa@winchester.ac.uk.