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I am a Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Criminology, in the Department of Applied Social Sciences, Forensics and Politics, which I joined in August 2018. I received my PhD in Research Sociology from the University of Winchester in July 2018, which was an ethnography of steroid-using subcultures in gyms in South-West England. I also hold an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Psychology from the University of Portsmouth’s Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from Portsmouth Law School.

Areas of expertise

  • Drug use
  • Drugs in sport
  • Ethnographic / Subcultural research
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Masculinities and Gender


Conference presentations

National / International

Reflexivity, Emotional Edgework and ‘Hidden Ethnography’ Observing Steroid Users in Gym Environments in South-West England. British Society of Criminology Conference 2018, Subcultural Research stream.

Embodying Identity: Body Capital Amongst Gym-Going Subcultures in the Age of Social Media. British Sociological Association Conference 2018, Sport and Health stream.

Embodying Conspicuous Consumption: The Rising Use of Image-Enhancing Drugs Amongst Young People. The Australian Sociological Association Conference 2017, Gender Studies stream.


Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs and Adverse Health Events: Ethnographic Findings. BSA Medical Sociology South-West Group Conference 2018

Variable Archetypes of Masculinities within Gym-Going Subcultures and Gym Spaces: An Ethnographic Exploration. University of Winchester Centre for Gender Studies Spring Symposium 2018

Illicit Health? The Use of Performance- and Image-Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs) as an Alternative to the General Practitioner: An Ethnographic Study. BSA Medical Sociology Scottish Group Conference 2017

Harm-Reduction for Performance and Image Enhancing Drug Users: A Proposal. University of Winchester Postgraduate Research Symposium 2017

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