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Dr Stuart Sims is Research and Teaching Fellow (Student Engagement) and Head of Student Engagement at the University of Winchester. His role includes oversight of co-curricular student engagement activities including Winchester Research Apprenticeship Programme (WRAP) and the Student Fellows Scheme. Stuart serves on a number of institutional committees and is Chair of the University’s Student Engagement Advisory Group. He contributes to the MA in Learning and Teaching including as module leader for ‘Practitioner Research’ and dissertation supervisor. He also edits the undergraduate journal Alfred and co-edits Winchester's Learning and Teaching Journal Capture. Until August 2017, he acted as Lead Researcher on the HEFCE-funded REACT project which supported the collaborative development of Student Engagement practices across the UK. 

Prior to joining LTD, Stuart worked as a researcher at the Welsh Institute for Social & Economic Research, Data and Methods and received his PhD from Cardiff University exploring a new application of Bowles and Gintis' correspondence theory to the role of UK universities in reproducing the economic stratification in the graduate labour market.


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Invited and Plenary Presentations

  • Sims, S., Luesbsen, W., & Guggiari-Peel, C. (2017) Who is being reached and what do they get out of it? REACT Conference- University of Winchester
  • Dunne, E., Lowe, T., Sims, S. & Shaw, C (2016) Empowering Students as Agents of Change through Partnership. Beyond the Comfort Zone: Putting Civic Leadership at the Heart of the University Experience- Ravensbourne University
  • Lowe, T., Sims, S & Luesben, W. (2016) Enhancing Student Engagement in Learning and Teaching – Models and Case studies from the REACT Project to inspire your Practice. London Metropolitan University-Learning & Teaching Day
  • Sims, S. (2015) Pioneering New Student Engagement Models to Maximise the Student Experience. Inside Government: Enhancing the Quality of the Student Experience 2015-London.
  • Sims, S., Hutchings, B & Alison, C (2015) Developing student-led change. Students as Co-Creators Conference- University of Westminster
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