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I am Lecturer in Human Bioarchaeology. I have long been fascinated with human bones and the quietly informative way in which they can enrich our understanding of the human past, our place in evolutionary history and within the animal kingdom. I did my BA at Durham, my MSc at Liverpool and my PhD at UCL, and have spent almost a quarter of a century travelling around the world in order to excavate and analyse human remains.

I have taught bioarchaeology at the Certificate, BA/BSc and MA/MSc level at Birkbeck (University of London) since 2004. My fieldwork has taken me all across Europe, Africa, the Near East and the Americas, from periods spanning the Lower Palaeolithic to the Spanish Civil War.

I joined the University of Winchester in 2016 and currently teach anatomy and palaeopathology on the new MSc Human Osteology and Funerary Studies.


​I have co-authored and edited various books on method and practice in archaeology, cultural heritage management in Egypt and ancient funeral practices in the Andean region, and have also written papers on subjects that span Bolivian deviant burials to ancient Canary Islands trauma, Neolithic Qataris to modern Egyptian graffiti.

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