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I am Lecturer in Forensic Studies in the Department of Applied Social Sciences. I joined the University of Winchester in April 2018. After completing my BSc (Hons) and MRes degrees, both in forensic science, at the University of Derby and working as a research assistant there, I am now working towards completion of my PhD, for which I am researching decomposition and forensic entomology in aquatic environments. This project aims to provide data on taphonomy and insect succession, which can be used during forensic death scene investigations. My other research interests include blow fly egg laying behaviour.

I have also volunteered in several non-forensic entomology roles including at the World of Butterflies and Moths (formerly the Lepidoptera Breeders Association), the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

Areas of expertise

Forensic entomology


Ody, H., Bulling, M. T., & Barnes, K. M. (2017). Effects of environmental temperature on oviposition behavior in three blow fly species of forensic importance. Forensic Science International 275, 138-143.

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