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Thomas Nørgaard received his DPhil in Philosophy from Oxford in 2002 with a thesis on compassion. Before that he had been a student at the universities in Århus, St Andrews, Keele and Tübingen. From 2002 to 2013 he worked at the European College of Liberal Arts (ECLA) in Berlin. He shared the leadership of the institution with Dr Peter Hajnal from 2007 to 2012 and under their joint leadership - as Deans and Managing Directors - ECLA introduced its first BA programme and was recognised as a private university by Berlin's Senate Administration of Education, Science and Research. In 2013, Thomas spent a semester as Visiting Professor at the University of Warsaw (Faculty Artes Liberales) and in the first part of 2014 he was a Research Fellow at New York University's Remarque Institute.

In August 2014, Thomas took up his current position at the University of Winchester, where he contributes primarily to the Value Studies Scheme and to the programmes in Modern Liberal Arts, and Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

He is also the Director of Winchester's Institute for Value Studies and interim leader of the King Alfred Award Scheme. Besides that he is on the Steering Committee for the Centre for English Identity and Politics and a member of the Centre for Animal Welfare.

In 2016, Thomas was shortlisted for one of the student-led teaching awards (Best Delivered Module) and received a Learning and Teaching Award for his work in the Institute for Value Studies.

Areas of expertise

  • Ethics
  • Value theory
  • Philosophy of education



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  • Nørgaard, T. (2014) Liberal Education in the Erasmus Programme, in Internationalization of Higher Education and Global Mobility, Streitwieser, B. (Ed) Oxford Studies in Comparative Education Series, Symposium Books
  • Nørgaard, T. (2011) Dannelsesdrama, in Weekendavisen. Review, in Danish, of Plato's Collected Works in Danish Translation, Volume II, Gyldendal
  • Nørgaard, T. (2005) Kolnai's Idea of Emotional Presentation, in Exploring the World of Human Practice: Readings in and about the philosophy of Aurel Kolnai, Dunlop, F. &  and Balazs, Z. (Eds), Central European University Press
  • Nørgaard, T. (2002) Iris Murdoch, in Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online, Craig,E. (Ed)


  • 2016 (June) On Zoopolis. University of Winchester. Presentation and Panel Discussion in Research Seminar on "Zoopolis Examined" with Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka.
  • 2016 (May) The Idea of Value Studies. University of Birmingham, The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. Invited lecture.
  • 2016 (Apr) The Animal Rights Debate. University of Southampton, School of Social Sciences. Invited lecture for course on "Environment, Development and Society".
  • 2016 (Feb)  Friendship, Conversation and Liberal Education. University of Copenhagen. Conference on Academic Space.
  • 2015 (Nov)  Value Studies and Film. University of Winchester. Symposium on Film as Education.
  • 2015 (Oct) Three Forms of Liberal Education. University of Warsaw. Conference on "Interdisciplinarity and Liberal Education at Research Universities."
  • 2015 (Sept) Core texts and three integrated forms of liberal education. Amsterdam University College. Conference on "Liberal Arts and Sciences and Core Texts in the European Context."
  • 2015 (Sept) Friendship, Conversation and Liberal Education. University College Maastricht.
  • 2015 (Aug) Value Studies: An Egalitarian Form of Liberal Education. Alpbach Forum, Austria. 
  • 2014 (Dec) Rethinking Liberal Education. Copenhagen Business School.
  • 2014 (Nov)  Liberal Education in Europe: Ancient Ideals and Contemporary Forms. University College Maastricht
  • 2013 (Dec) Educational Pluralism and the Great European Academy. Warsaw University.
  • 2013 (Nov) On the Need for Philosophy. Bialystok University. 
  • 2013 (Oct) Educational Pluralism and the Good Study Milieu. Copenhagen University. 
  • 2013 (June)  Value Studies as a Form of Liberal Education. Princeton University. With Peter Hajnal.]
  • 2013 (May) Liberal Education in the Erasmus Programme. Humboldt Universität, Department of Education Studies.
  • 2012 (May) Private Initiative in Higher Education. Humboldt Universität, Department of Education Studies.
  • 2012 (Feb) Presentation and Panel Discussion on Richard Kraut's What is Good and Why (with Richard Kraut), European College of Liberal Arts.
  • 2011 (Feb) Panel Discussion on Roger Scruton's 'Eating Our Friends', European College of Liberal Arts (with Roger Scruton and members of the ECLA Faculty).
  • 2010 (May) On the Commercialization of Higher Education. The Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists, Copenhagen, Denmark (In Danish)
  • 2010 (Feb) Value Studies as a Form of Liberal Education. American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyz Republic. 
  • 2005 (Oct) New Avenues for Liberal Education in Europe. American Conference for Academic Deans, Washington (with Peter Hajnal & Laurent Boetsch)
  • 2004 (Nov) Liberal Education in a European Perspective. The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) Conference on Liberal Education, Stockholm (with Laurent Boetsch).
  • 2003 (May) Lovibond on Seriousness. Conference on Philosophical Ethics Today, The Danish Research School in Philosophy, History of Ideas & History of Science.
  • 2002 (Apr) Compassion's Object. The Ethics of Altruism, Association of Legal and Social Philosophy Annual Conference, Royal Holloway, University of London. 
  • 2002 (Mar) Iris Murdoch on Virtue and Compassion. Tagung Iris Murdoch, Ethik-Zentrum der Universität Zürich.
  • 2001 (Jan) Iris Murdoch on Virtue. Graduate Seminar, Department of Philosophy, Oxford University.
  • 2000 (Dec) Kolnai's Idea of Emotional Presentation. Aurel Kolnai Memorial Conference, Central European University, Budapest. 
  • 1998 (Nov) The Ethics of Iris Murdoch. Graduate Seminar, Department of Philosophy, Aarhus University, Denmark.
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