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Nick Joseph is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing and English. He has written award-winning plays for theatre, graduated with a Masters Degree in Theatre Practice from Exeter University, and has taught on Drama, Creative Writing and English programmes at the University of Winchester since 1998, specialising in the discipline of scriptwriting for stage and screen, and the seminal texts of key C20th playwrights.

His 1994 play The Deadland won the International Student Playscript Competition, had rehearsed readings in Scarborough and at the Questors Theatre in London, and was performed at the University of Winchester in 1997. His 1996 play The Woman Who Thought She Was A Dog won a Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival and was performed again at the BAC in London and the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in America.

Nick's most recent stage works are The Railway Plays -- a collection of modernist short plays, written 2016-17, first performed at The Railway in January 2017 and subsequently at the Chesil and QE2 theatres in Winchester in September-October 2017 -- and The Singer, a new full-length modernist/postmodern play, written July-September 2018, first performed at The Chesil, November-December 2018.

Other plays include Dancing With Genghis Khan (Exeter, 1995) and The Vikings in Britain (Winchester, 2001). He is currently working on 'Lithium Dreams in the City That Never Sleeps' and 'The Carnivores'.

At Winchester, Nick has contributed to, created and coordinated modules on the Drama, Creative Writing and English programmes, including contributions to the launch and development of combined- and single-honours programmes in Creative Writing. Nick continues to write for the stage, has worked on fiction-for-children, has contributed to and led the ‘Off With Their Masks’ programme of readings, and given talks on Entertaining Mr Sloane and other seminal plays as part of the programme of talks at the Theatre Royal, Winchester. Other areas of interest include fairytale fictions and short screenplays.


Areas of expertise

  • Writing for stage and screen
  • New European drama on the post-war English stage
  • Fairytale fictions


  • The Singer (play)
  • The Railway Plays (play)
  • Astra Therkelsen (prose)
  • Anatomy (play)
  • Thorpe Tower (play)
  • The Vikings in Britain (play)
  • The Woman Who Thought She Was A Dog (play)
  • Dancing With Genghis Khan (play)
  • The Deadland (play)


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