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Graham Ixer teaches social work law. He is a registered social worker having spent many years in front line practice with children. He has had a career in education teaching social workers before moving to a policy role in central government. He then moved to the government's statutory regulator heading up the inspection regime for all universities running social work courses. His current position at the University of Winchester is Head of Social Work. 

He is also an academic governor on the university's governing board. He has published widely on his research interest in reflection and reflective practice and recently published a book written by social work students. He has worked in Sweden, USA and Japan on collaborative projects in the area of Interprofessional education. He is active in public engagement where he is a trustee to a charity and sits as a Magistrate in London courts.

Areas of expertise

  • Adult learning
  • Social policy 
  • Social work law
  • Public engagement and regulation
  • Interprofessional learning


National reports

  • GSCC (2012) Involving People who use services and their carers in the work of the General, Learning Report, London: General Social Care Council^
  • GMC (2012) Protecting Children and Young People: The Responsibilities of all Doctors. July 2012 comes into effect 3rd Sep. 2012. London: General Medical Council.*
  • SCIE (2007) The Core Principles of Involvement: Service user and carers involved in Regulation. Produced by General Social Care Council, Social Care Institute for Excellence, and the National Care Standards Commission. ^
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  • GSCC (2003) The Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers and Employers, London: General Social Care Council ^


  • Ixer, G. W (in print) Step Up to change: Ideas from practice written by students.  London: Whiting and Birch.
  • Ixer, G.W. (2008) ‘Globalised Practice Learning in a changing cultural context’  London: Whiting and Birch. 2nd ed.
  • Moonie, N, Ixer, G.W., Makepeace, K & Balkisson, I (1995)  
  • Human Behaviour in the Caring Context, 2nd ed. 1997,   Cheltenham: Stanley Thornes
  • Ixer, G.W. (1988) ‘In Search of Another Way’  - Series on perspectives on young people in the care system, London: Children’s Society and Voice for the Child in Care

Book chapters

  • Ixer, G. (2013) The Impact of Regulation in Raising Standards in Social Work Education.  In Parker, J. & Doel, M. (eds) Professional Social Work. Exeter: Sage
  • Taylor, K & Strivens, N (2011) ‘Education Matters: A guide for Social Workers’  Foreward written by G. Ixer. Leighton Buzzard: Akamas Care & Education
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  • Ixer, G.W. (1997) ‘The Reflective Competent’ in CCETSW (ed) Learning for Competence, section four, London: CCETSW

Research reports 

  • Ixer, G.W. & Ravernshill, J. (1988) ‘Children in Care: Education and Social Work Communication’   Research publication, Research dept. Barnardos London Division and Redbridge Education Services
  • Ixer, G.W. (1985) ‘Policy Paper on Research undertaken in Haringey on youngsters who received custodial sentences between 24th May 1983 and 25th November 1983’  published by research department, London: Barnardos

Refereed articles

  • Ixer, G. W. (accepted) The concept of reflection: Is it skill based or values?. Social Work Education, 2016.  Taylor and Frances.
  • Ixer, G.W. (2010) There’s No Such Thing As Reflection 10 Years On  
  • Journal of Practice Teaching in Health and Social Work,  Vol. 10(1) (published in April 2011)
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  • Ixer, G.W. (2000) Assessing Reflective Practice: New research findings, Journal of Practice Teaching in Health and Social Work, 2 (3) pp19-27
  • Ixer,, G.W. (1999) There’s No Such Things As Reflection, British Journal of Social Work, 29, pp. 513-527

Other publications

  • Ixer, G. W. (2013) A Critical Review of the impact of Regulation, Key note paper at social work seminar for employers and policy makers, Bournemouth University 21st January 2013. Published by the National Centre of Post Qualifying Education www.Bounremouth.ac.uk
  • Ixer, G. W. (2011) ‘An Equation for Social Work Education Placements’  The Guardian News Paper 22/11/11 http://www.guardian.co.uk/social-care-network/2011/nov/16/graham-ixer-gscc-social-work-placements
  • Ixer, G.W. (2005) ‘A Case for Social Care’ Keynote paper given at CAIPE AGM, London November 2004, CAIPE Bulletin No.24 Winter 2004/5
  • Ixer, G.W. (2004) ‘Future of Social Care’ Keynote address at CAIPE annual conference published in annual report and on the website WWW.caipe.org.uk
  • Ixer, G.W. (1991) ‘We owe Children a Positive and Honest Goodbye,’ Social Work Today, 22 August 1991
  • Ixer, G.W. (1987) ‘Helping staff who have Painful Memories’  Social Work Today p.26 vol.18 no 51
  • Ixer, G.W. (1986) ‘Doctrine to be Challenged’ Social Work Today Vol.17 no.35 p.18

Published editorials

  • Feature article ‘Brown bag Lecture schedule speaker from England’  on Visiting Professor Graham Ixer’s keynote speech published in Washburn Review (8th October 2003)
  • Editorial (2002) ‘Cracking the Code’ by Polly Neate - an innovative approach to involving service users in policy making from Graham Ixer. Community Care (6-12 June 2002)


  • Presentation on reflection as a value, at the Comenius Association and the Centre for Research into Teaching and Teacher Education, University of Winchester, conference entitled, Values and Education, 7th September 2016.
  • Keynote speech The Ethics of Reflective Practice’ at the ‘Exercising professional Judgement’ conference, by the London Social Work Education Partnership at Kings Fund, London. 26th June 2013
  • ‘Has Anything Really Changed Reflection on the Past 50 years of Social Work Education’ University of Bournemouth, Bournemouth, 17th October 2012
  • Assessing the Impact Europe has on the Workforce for England, 9th International Conference of the Journal of Practice Teaching in Health and Social Work, (April, 2012) Bournemouth.
  • ‘Innovation in Regulation’ Community Care Live, London. (2011.)
  • ‘The Impact on Global Change to national policy in Social Work Education’ delivered to the Health and Social Care Conference. Presented by Professor Graham Ixer, Associate Professor of Social Work at the Centre for the Advancement of Inter-professional Education (October 2010). Saitama Prefectural University, Tokyo, Japan.
  • ‘Changes to Improve Social Work Regulation’ GSCC annual conference, (November 2010)
  • ‘Social Workers PC-Do-Gooders or Progressive Radicals?’  ‘Battle of Ideas’  by the Institute of Ideas, Claire Fox (1st Nov.2008) London
  • ‘Improving Regulation: An agenda for Change’ UK Standing Conference, (Sep. 2007) Birmingham.   
  • Boundaries of Practice: Professionalising Social Care’ Workforce conference by Compass, Glasgow. (2006.)
  • ‘Improving Regulation by Involving Service Users ‘  GSCC Annual Conference, London, QE11. 2005
  • ‘Changing Policy and the Impact on Quality’  3rd International conference, Journal of Practice Teaching in Health and Social Work, (2004) York. 
  • ‘Working Together, Learning Together’ joint presentation with Prof. Geoff Meads at the interprofessional education conference at the General Medical Council Annual Conference (2004).                                               
  • Professionalism in a very Unprofessional World’  delivered by visiting Professor Graham Ixer on (8th October 2003) at International House, Washburn University, Topeke, Kansas, USA
  • ‘The New Codes of Practice’ (2003) Annual Conference Skills for Care, London: QE11
  • ‘There is no Such Thing as Reflection’ (September 2005) delivered to the National Association of Practice Teachers, Manchester.
  • ‘Interprofessional Practice A case is Made’  Graham Ixer and Collen Stirling Belfast, (November 2003)
  • ‘The Capability Concept in Professional Education for Adults’  delivered by Graham Ixer at the Seninarium for Inbjudan Till Personal Inom Social Arbete Och Vard (28th May 2003.) Mid Sweden University, Ostersund Sweden.
  • ‘Implementing the New Codes of Practice’  the National Care Standards Commission annual conference, London. (2002.)
  • ‘Changing Policy and the future of Social Work’  - ‘2nd Graham Ixer, Annual Lecture’ to staff and MA students, (2002) Kingston University, London.
  • ‘Professionalising Practice for social workers’ Key speech introducing the first ever codes of practice to senior policy makers, Ministers and Directors of Social Services from GSCC, (June 2002) London.
  • ‘Public Protection; A Case for Change’ Health and Social Care Conference at University of Derby, Derby (2001).
  • ‘The Danger of Reflection in ethical Assessment’  National Organisation of Practice Teaching, Manchester. (2000)
  • ‘A Proposition on the limits of Reflection’ to the Northern Ireland Social Work Programme Partnership, Queens University, (27th February 1997). Belfast.
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